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How To Keep The Girl Of Your Dreams

Badass Young Men helps guys who can attract women but have trouble turning that into a steady, stable and loving relationship. This website will help you become a better man, the type of man that a girl wants to invest in a serious relationship with. Forget about the PUA stereotypes of the brash alpha and the wimpy beta. Instead become a confident badass man who is secure, emotionally available and successful in his relationship.

What Makes A Man A Badass?

A badass is someone totally at ease and comfortable in their own skin. Someone assertive who is unafraid to express and chase his desires in life. Someone who is accustomed to experiencing success yet someone respectful and humble. Someone content with their life.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You are a smart guy who is driven to be a high achiever in everything that you do
  • You want a special relationship with a special woman
  • You are frustrated with your love life because you can get dates but struggle to develop that truly special relationship
  • You have insecurities that have been handbrakes on your relationships and you are ready to overcome them
  • You don't like PUA because it superficially helps you to attract women but does nothing to help you form a deep bond

Here Is What I Can Help You Do:

  • To Understand What Women Want From A Relationship
  • To Get Better At Being In A Relationship
  • To Be The Best Man You Can Be In Life So It Rubs Off On Your Relationship
  • To Remove The Roadblocks That Prevent You From Experiencing A Great Relationship

This is a resource for men who can get dates and form a relationship but who struggle to take the relationship to the deeper level and struggle to hold on to the girl.

This website is for regular down to earth guys who want to be a better partner for their girl.

This is not a pick up site.

Keeping a woman has nothing to do with tricks or games. That might get you a couple of dates but if that is all you have got then she will quickly see through you.

This is to help you keep the girl of your dreams once you have found her, especially if the relationship seems shaky, is mired in conflict or if you are insecure or paranoid about losing her.

It will also help you if you are single and have made mistakes in past relationships that you want to avoid again in the future. This will help make sure that when the girl of your dreams comes along, you are ready.

Holding on to a woman is about being a good man and being an interesting and attractive person who is confident and secure, as well as someone who meets her needs in the relationship. The key to that is knowing what women want in relationships.

These are the two key themes on this site:

1. Be A Better Man

Developing your masculinity in a broad range of areas makes you a more well rounded and grounded person. Making the shift from boy to man, not just in age, but in emotional maturity will help make you more desirable and more ready for a serious relationship. It's not about becoming a better man for the sake of the relationship - it's about becoming a better man for the sake of becoming a better man. The positive spin off is that it will do wonders for your relationships.

2. Develop Relationship Skills

Learning how to be in a relationship is like learning any other skill. It doesn't just happen, rather it requires attention, development, practice and patience. Learn how to be emotionally secure, emotionally intimate and how to make her feel loved.

Are You Afraid To Lose Your Girl?

One of the key reasons that men fail to maintain a good relationship is that they become afraid. They become fearful of what might happen if the relationship ends or the girl decides to break it off.

So they get clingy and hold on tight, becoming smothering and suffocating. This behavior eventually drives the girl away.

If you learn to overcome this insecurity and paranoia you will take big strides to become an emotionally secure man who is ready for the challenge of maintaining a serious relationship.

This is a topic that is covered in great depth on this site and is one of the most popular issues.

Can You Learn How To Be Better In Relationships?

Yes you can.

You are not doomed to a life of bad relationships if you are prepared to learn the skills required to succeed.

It is a mistake to think that relationships just happen with no skill or effort. Learning how to become a good partner is a lifelong pursuit that needs constant attention.

We all have different levels of skill and experience in this area. It depends on your childhood and teenage years and how well positive relationships were modeled to you. It also depends on your past relationship experiences.

However, no matter where you are if you commit to learning the skills, you will improve.

What Is Getting In The Way Of Experiencing A Good Relationship?

Becoming a well developed, well rounded, emotionally healthy and secure man is a challenge in the modern world.

In generations gone by we had good male role models and rites of passage. Men would teach boys how to be men. That still happens for a lucky few, but not as much as it used to.

We live in a culture that portrays masculinity as predatory and not something to be celebrated. We live in a culture where many young men grow up without fathers or good male role models. Many young males grow into a man physically but retain a juvenile attitude well into their adult years.

When the desire to express one's nature meets a disdainful culture the result is confusion and insecurity. However you do not have to follow the current trend of suppressing your healthy masculinity. You can choose to break the mold.

I want to help you make the transition from boy to man as an emotionally healthy adult, free of insecurities, ready to take on the world and ready to enjoy a happy relationship with a special girl.

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