Developing Manhood Without Insecurity

Becoming a man without insecurity is a challenge in the modern world.

You live in a culture that portrays masculinity as predatory and not seen as something to be celebrated.

When the desire to express one's nature meets a disdainful culture the result is confusion and insecurity. However you do not have to follow the current trend of suppressing your healthy masculinity. You can choose to break the mold.

The purpose of this website is to discuss the issues young men face as they make the transition from boy to man with an eye to personal development and becoming an emotionally healthy adult, free of insecurities.

Many young males grow into a man physically but retain a juvenile attitude well into their adult years. This website exists to help you take charge of the personal development process yourself and to fill you in on the things that our generation is missing out on.

The themes discussed on this website are not hidden esoteric concepts. They are the basics that every man should grasp by his early to mid twenties such as how to:

  • Have healthy secure relationships with women
  • Take care of your body and be happy with your appearance
  • Be self sufficient and take responsibility for your life
  • Be happy with who you are but open to personal growth

I use the term badass not to fulfil a stereotype of motorcycle riding womanizer. It is about blazing your own path through life and not following along at the whim of society. My mission is to help you grow into this type of man.

Who Am I?

My name is Brad Alexander. I am a cultural critic and a personal development sponge. I wasn't happy with the kind of insecure man society had raised me to be. So I took it upon myself to change that. I share my unique insights and experiences here in order to help you.

To learn more about me read my profile page.

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