Relationship Advice For Men:
Become A Man That Keeps The Girl

The purpose of this website is to help you become the type of man that a woman wants to invest in a serious relationship with.

If you have a girl and you want to make sure that you keep her, you need to make sure that you develop yourself as a man.

If you are single now but have had trouble keeping girls in the past, you need to make sure that you will be able to keep her next time around.

The key to keeping a woman has got nothing to do with tricks or games.

It is about being a good man and being an interesting and attractive person. You can get a girl to go on a date with you with tricks and lines. But if that's all you have got she will quickly see through you.

You have to actually be a man worth investing in a relationship with.

That is the focus on this site. It's not advice about how to save a marriage and it's not pick up advice. It's advice to get you from the 3rd date to steady and from steady to serious. This is achieved by helping you to develop your masculinity in a broad range of areas and help you to be a better man.

If you can get to the serious stage of a relationship then the next step really becomes an issue of whether you are compatible or not as a couple and if you aren't then it's not something you can control. But if you can't even get to steady or can't get to serious then perhaps it is time to look within and develop yourself as a better man.

As a bonus becoming a better man will also have positive flow on effects in other areas of your life. However it all comes back to being a man that can keep the girl.

These are the themes that are covered on this site:

  • Relationship Advice: If you have a girl, don't just go with the flow. Proactively work to be a good partner and improve the relationship.
  • Dealing With Your Insecurities: If you have baggage, jealousy or insecurity you need to overcome this to enjoy a healthy relationship. Don't ruin your relationship with this when you can easily deal with it.
  • Dealing With Her Insecurities: Inevitably your partner will have some of her own baggage as well. You need to be able to handle this.
  • Developing Direction In Life: Women like a man with direction. They don't like aimless drifters.
  • Developing Manly Character: The modern world does not respect or celebrate masculinity. Rediscover the lost virtue of manliness.
  • Developing Confidence and Self Esteem: It goes without saying that confidence and self esteem are attractive masculine traits.
  • Career, Business And Money: Show a woman security by being a provider, not a leech.
  • Working Out And Keeping Healthy: Keeping yourself in shape demonstrates good habits, stickability and determination. It doesn't hurt the looks department either.
  • Getting Over Your Ex: While you want to be able to keep the girl, sometimes it doesn't always work out. I discuss the best way to get over your ex and move forward.
  • Getting Back In The Game: If it hasn't worked out and you find yourself flying solo, learn how to get back in the game and find a new girl. If you work on your manliness, you will have better luck next time.

The Challenge of Being A Man Today

Becoming a man without insecurity is a challenge in the modern world.

You live in a culture that portrays masculinity as predatory and not seen as something to be celebrated.

When the desire to express one's nature meets a disdainful culture the result is confusion and insecurity. However you do not have to follow the current trend of suppressing your healthy masculinity. You can choose to break the mold.

Many young males grow into a man physically but retain a juvenile attitude well into their adult years.

That is why the purpose of this website is to help you take charge of your own masculine development. I want to help you make the transition from boy to man as an emotionally healthy adult, free of insecurities, ready to take on the world and ready to enjoy a happy relationship with a special girl.

What Do You Mean By Badass?

I use the term badass not to fulfill a stereotype of motorcycle riding womanizer. It is about blazing your own path through life and not following along at the whim of society. I want to help you grow into this type of man.

Am I Too Old For This Website?

This is a question I am often asked. You will benefit most from this site if you are 18-35 and are struggling to keep a woman or just want to develop your manliness.

However I have had feedback from men in their late 30s and early 40s who have found the information here beneficial. So feel free to stick around and have a browse.

Who Am I?

My name is Brad Alexander. I was a shy wimpy guy who struggled to get women and struggled to keep them. At some point in my journey I realized that I had missed out on some lessons in manliness along the way. Not surprising for someone raised by a single mother in a feminist world.

I started to consciously develop my masculinity for no other reason than its own sake. Every aspect of my life was transformed, but particularly my ability with women.

I'm definitely not a slick smooth pick up artist and I'm still reasonably reserved when I meet people for the first time. But I knew that if I could get a couple of dates and there was a little bit of chemistry, I had developed into the kind of man that women would find attractive and interesting. Most of all I was confident and wouldn't drive women away with insecurity.

Now I'm in a serious long term relationship with the most amazing woman and want to help others develop their manly character and improve their ability to keep their girl.

To learn more about me read my profile page.

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