Get A Badass Job

A lot of young men want a badass job because they think it will impress others. Their parents, their friends, their nemesis, women.

Chasing a job because you think it will please others is a sure fire way to make yourself miserable.

You need to do what makes you happy.

Forget about everyone else.

You need a badass job because otherwise you will suffer. Working in fast food, retail or at a desk is not impressive and not at all a manly job.

But that is not the worst of it. The worst is that it will suffocate you and crush your spirit. Turning up day after day to a soul destroying occupation will deflate your sense of manliness.

There are plenty of opportunities to find something cool to do that will satisfy you. You just might have to think outside of the square or go out on a limb.

Start Your Own Business

The most badass way to earn money is to own your own business. Not only are you independent and self sufficient but you learn so much. When you are in employment you get a tiny chunk of the business to focus on. When you are in control you have to have your finger on the pulse of every aspect of your operation.

You learn key skills in time management, leadership and managing risk.

This is not an easy path. Failure is a very real possibility. But with the greatest risk comes the greatest reward.

Join The Military

The reason the military is an excellent option for any young man is not that you get to go on missions, conduct operations or get to the front line.

It is the comradeship that makes it awesome. The tribe like feel of men working together and making sacrifices in the pursuit of a common goal. The authority, the respect, the leadership and the fact that you are all in it together.

You just don't get that punching a clock or working in a cubicle. The military is a family and a very badass career.

Do Something That Breaks New Ground

This could be anything from the astronaut who first sets foot on Mars right to the scientist who develops a new cure for a disease to a product developer who invents a revolutionary new cheese grater.

The thrill of breaking new ground and creating something new for the benefit of others will keep you interested and motivated.

You don't get that feeling of accomplishment when you work in corporate finance.

Do Something That Helps People

Helping others is one of the most satisfying things that you can do. There are so many careers where you can get involved with the community and help people in need. There is firefighting, law enforcement, any medical profession, teacher or social worker to name a few.

Even when you are having a bad day and struggling for motivation the work you do for others will spur you on. It's not the same feeling serving people deep fried junk knowing you are actually doing them a disservice.

Do Something That Gets You Dirty

Humans were not made to live in cages. They were not made to live inside. Hunting, fishing and building houses were badass jobs that men have done for most of human history. You might feel special turning up to work everyday in a white shirt and a tie but the novelty will easily wear off after 10 years.

Get a job that takes you outdoors. Something you can use your hands for. Something that gets you dirty.

There is a false impression that smart people should work in offices and people without smarts should be the ones getting dirty. Nothing is precluding you from finding a job that satisfies both the need to stimulate you intellectually and get your hands dirty.

Examples Of Badass Jobs

  • Entrepreneur
  • Soldier
  • Sailor
  • Airman
  • Police Officer
  • Firefighter
  • Paramedic
  • Doctor
  • Surgeon
  • Musician
  • Filmmaker
  • Teacher
  • Outdoor Instructor
  • Climbing Guide
  • Brewer
  • Personal Trainer

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