The Benefits Of Weightlifting

Every man should lift weights. The benefits of weightlifting are numerous, both physically and mentally. The perception of people who lift weights as being mindless gym ogres is completely erroneous.

All men can benefit from this brilliant pastime. The benefits of weightlifting flow into other areas of your life. That is why you see so many successful entrepreneurs and businessmen committing to regular time in the gym.

Develop Discipline And Mental Strength

Weightlifting training is mentally taxing as well as physically exhausting.

Putting a heavy barbell across your shoulders and squatting it should create both fear and excitement.

The mentally weak will not attempt a lift that is out of their comfort zone.

But to develop tenacity and drive you must constantly push new boundaries. Building a strong mind is one of the key benefits of weightlifting.

Lifting weights teaches you the art of making small regular gains over a long period of time in order to achieve significant goals. To turn up at the gym several times a week and perform forced reps that push your physical limits every time develops a steely resolve.

Physical fitness is the cornerstone of personal development. Progressing your personal development is one of the key benefits of weightlifting. If you cannot achieve goals in fitness then you will struggle to achieve goals elsewhere. This is because everything about fitness is completely within your control.

If you have access to adequate food and a gym that is all you need. The rest is down to tenacity and the mental resolve to succeed. If you do not have tenacity and mental resolve the gym is the best place to build it.

Ensure Your Muscles Are Adequately Balanced

Modern life creates bodies that are out of balance. Too much sitting tightens our hip flexors and lower back giving people a forward tipped pelvis that leads to lower back pain. Instead of walking naturally barefoot we have shoes that put our bodies out of alignment. Too much time at the computer develops a hunchback with tight pectoral muscles and a weak back which leads to shoulder pain.

Back pain develops from having opposing muscles that are either too tight, too flexible, too weak or too strong. Correcting these imbalances means you will have good posture and be pain free. One of the benefits of weightlifting, if done with correct form and the right compound lifts, is that the body will be worked evenly helping to iron out any muscle imbalances.

If you do full body compound lifts (lifts that work seveal muscles rather than isolating one) with a full range of motion then you will ensure that muscles are getting worked in proper balance.

For example a back squat with a barbell, not a machine, and with correct technique will work the quads, hamstrings and glutes in perfect balance. This is the case as long as the exercise is done with the full range of motion and correct form. The back squat, for example, done incorrectly by not squatting low enough will overwork the quads and underwork the hamstrings and glutes.

The best compound lifts are the squat, the deadlift, the bench press and the row.

Engage In Primal Activity

There is something very masculine and primal about moving heavy objects. Depsite our sedentary technological society a man needs to unleash his testosterone in a primal form on a regular basis.

This is what sex is. Sex hasn't changed in the last 100,000 years. A man needs sex. In the same way a man needs to lift heavy objects. That primal need exists now just as it existed thousands of years ago.

Especially in the modern world where our primal instincts are mostly caged you need an outlet. One of the benefits of weightlifting is that it allows you to exercise this primal need.

When you are a beginner weightlifter it is in a way like losing your virginity. You don't realize what you were missing out on. And you find a pleasurable pastime that you won't give up on until you are either physically incapable or dead. You can get slightly addicted and slightly obsessed. There is nothing wrong with a mild addiction to a healthy pursuit.

Develop A Chiseled Body

This is not the main reason I recommend weightlifting. Rather it is one of the nice side benefits of weightlifting. But by no means is it insignificant. People like to look good. Having a strong lean body creates a certain aura about you. But it is not just the good looks that make people attracted to good looking bodies.

Subconsciously people know that it takes someone who is mentally strong, a goal setter, someone prepared to make sacrifices that can carve a chiseled body. A strong body equals a strong mind. Weak men feel inferior to strong men not just physically but also mentally. They know the man with the strong body has more discipline, tenacity and will power than them.

Women are attracted to a strong mind as well as a strong body. Their subconscious understanding at a primal level sees a physically strong male as a provider. That is why they are attracted to a strong physical body. This is in the same way that men are primally attracted to breasts and asses. Wide hips are good for child rearing and the mammaries are needed to feed the young. A man's desire to spread his seed and pass on his genes means he is primally attracted to women who will be able to provide and raise offspring.

You should want a strong body to be that primal provider. It may not mean much in a tangible sense in the modern world but it is crucial to the healthy psyche of a male, whether in the modern world or the tribal world. And this is not just so you can be attractive for the ladies. You should want to be the physical provider because you are proud of your masculinity and you want to be a strong minded and strong bodied man.