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About Brad

I’m a gym junkie and health and fitness nut. I read about history, politics, economics and culture. I follow Austrian economics and consider myself a value investor.

I'm also a Catholic. Not that this is a religious blog, but this belief system does naturally have a big influence on my views about masculinity and the importance of growing up, establishing a career and settling down with family.

I’m a strong believer in the value of tradition and I am on a mission of improving myself.

I think our culture is sorely lacking when it comes to helping boys to become men.

If you want to learn how to become a man, you can't just expect it to happen naturally anymore. If you leave it to chance our culture will pull you in the opposite direction. You have to consciously choose this path for yourself.

My writing helps men to become better men, to overcome their insecurities and to enjoy better relationships.

In an era where freedom is valued over sacrifice and where committment and settling down are seen as restrictive, I want to argue in favour of tradition masculinity and why this is the ultimate freedom.

I have no special qualifications to speak on this subject. I'm just an ordinary insecure guy with successes and failures. All of this is my own personal opinion and I hope you find it somewhat useful.

What I Believe

As a strong traditionalist I believe in traditional order in societies and families. One of the key aspects to this is that I believe men should be men and that we should celebrate and not hide from that fact.

I am a feminist in that I believe men and women should be equal and there should be no institutional barriers holding them back from achieving their full potential.

However I acknowledge that men and women are different, with different traits and different needs and different desires.

I abhor cultural marxism and the viewpoint that sees society divided into the oppressors and the oppressed.

I believe that family and tradition have been undermined by the victory of progressivism in the 20th century. One of the things that has suffered in this society is traditional masculinity and now boys grow up unsure of how to be a man.

This is what I noticed in myself as I grew up - nobody taught me how to be a man. Itwas something I had to consciously go about rectifying in my early 20s.

My Solution

My solution is not to reform the culture. The progressive movement has won and as my rulers I submit myself to their authority.

I don’t want to spend my life angry at the world and frustrated at how it doesn’t fit my worldview.

However that does not mean that I cannot make personal choices in my own life that reflect my values and help me become the type of man I wish to be, regardless of what is going on in society at large.

All that means is ignoring the dominant culture and looking for guidance elsewhere.

When I decided to take the development of my masculinity into my own hands my life improved significantly. From health and fitness to career and finances, things were much better.

However the best thing that improved was my relationships with women. Instead of being weak, insecure and fearful, I was able to become confident, secure and assertive and was able to have happy and healthy relationships.

I'm not married yet, but I hope to be sometime soon.

What I Mean By Badass

I don't claim to be badass. That is not something you can bestow upon yourself. Badass is just a word I use in a generic way to describe my philosophy. It is not the perfect word but I think it works well enough.

I am not encouraging you to become Hugh Hefner. Nor am I encouraging you to fulfil a stereotype where you must drive a motorcycle, be a rock star and sleep with countless women.

I use the word badass in the sense that you free yourself from having your life dictated by other people. You set your own boundaries and play by your own rules. You be the type of man you want to be, but you do it consciously. Being badass is conscious manliness.

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