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About Brad

I'm a gym junkie, paleo dieter, surfer, history buff, avid personal development fan, writer and world traveller.

I help men to overcome insecurity and be better in their relationships.

My Story

I remember as a young child spending time in the workshop with my grandfather. I remember spending weekends playing football with my father, going fishing and doing all those regular father son things.

I had male role models.

But when I look back on my teens I had none at all. One grandfather had passed away, the other was on the other side of the world. One uncle had also passed away and the other was that crazy uncle that every family has. My parents had split and I rarely saw my father.

I didn't realize that a lack of male role models was having an impact. I was just living my life as every angst ridden teen does.

But later in life when things had crashed and burned I really had to do some soul searching. I was terrible with women, I had no idea what I wanted to do in life and I felt like I was just following the path that society had set for me.

Somewhere during my reflections it dawned on me that I had missed the memo on manliness as I was growing up. I never learned the lessons that every young man was supposed to learn as a rite of passage into adulthood.

I also began to realize that I was not the only one. Manliness was being squashed by a feminist culture and by a lot of guys growing up without fathers. It hit me right between the eyes when I volunteered as a mentor for an organization that helped troubled youth. The kid I was mentoring had a father in jail and the poor young guy was all at sea.

I decided then that I had to take matters into my own hands and develop my masculinity for myself. This involved a lot of reading, hitting the gym, developing my skills with women, finding a direction in life and joining the military.

Once I realized what the missing link was and filled it, all of a sudden my life began to change.

The best part about it was that I overcame my insecurities with women and learned how to have healthy and happy relationships.

Now I am in a happy stable long term relationship with the girl of my dreams.

I do not possess any extraordinary capabilities beyond the average guy. I'm not massive, especially good looking or filled with natural talent. There is nothing that I have that you don't. But I learn things and I work hard. I set goals and achieve them. I don't sit around and talk a good game. I get out there and make things happen. I push the boundaries. I have focus.

You can too.

What I Mean By Badass

I don't claim to be badass. That is not something you can bestow upon yourself. Badass is just a word I use in a generic way to describe my philosophy. It is not the perfect word but I think it works well enough. I am not encouraging you to become Hugh Hefner. Nor am I encouraging you to fulfil a stereotype where you must drive a motorcycle, be a rock star and sleep with countless women.

I use the word badass in the sense that you free yourself from having your life dictated by other people. You set your own boundaries and play by your own rules. You be the type of man you want to be, but you do it consciously. Whether that is living a playboy lifestyle, being a dedicated family man or any other lifestyle you wish to pursue. Being badass is conscious manliness.

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