The Attitudes Required For Building An Internet Business

Technical skills and business savvy are needed for successfully building an Internet business.

But these can be learned and honed. Attitudes, attributes and mindset are more conceptual and less tangible.

However the business mindset is much more important than the business skills. They too can be developed over time but some people find that the right attitude comes to them more easily than it will for other people.

You can have all the skill in the world but without the attitude for success you will find it a struggle building an Internet. These are my thoughts on the key Internet business attitudes and attributes you need.


Like any business building an Internet business will require you to sacrifice a great deal of time in the early stages for little reward. The going will get tough and you will feel like you are spinning your wheels. There will be at least one hump and probably many more.

Doubts will creep into your mind about the viability of what you are trying to do. You will doubt your own ability.

You must persevere and punch through the resistance. It will take a long time to become profitable. For most small bricks and mortar businesses it can take 5 years. Don't expect the Internet to produce miracles and bend the laws of business because it won't. You will need to slog hard for a long time.

Keeping the faith and keeping on going in the hard times is a crucial thing you must do. You may be on to a good thing but if you give it up before it has realized its potential you will miss out.


The world is changing rapidly. The Internet is changing even more rapidly. Some things will never change, like the need to provide value and overdeliver. But other things change all the time. Search engines, social media, profitable niches, consumer trends, mobile technology and the way we consume media are all in a constant cycle of change.

You must be able to adapt and not get stuck in a rut while building an Internet business. You also need to be flexible with your own business plan and direction. When you begin the path you need to take will not be totally clear. Once you have taken the first few steps your perspective will open and your mind may change. The further on you go you may encounter things which mean you must alter your strategy. Be flexible and go with the flow. Don't fight it.

Clear Goal Setting

Without clear goals it is easy to go around in circles. Success in building an Internet business is easily measurable and you have an infinite amount of statistical data available at your disposal.

This a great tool for setting clear and specific goals that are measurable and time bound.

Strong clear goals will get you where you need to be a lot quicker than vague and airy ones. Success in online business depends heavily on this.


It can be daunting putting yourself out there on the Internet for the world to see. People will disagree with you and criticize and this can unnerve people. The fear of being ridiculed will hold them back.

Ultimately you have to break through this fear and just do it anyway. Once you open yourself up to criticism suddenly it is not so bad anymore. Anybody who puts themselves in the public eye has to deal with it. At least you can hide behind a computer screen.

Building an Internet business forces you to develop a thick skin and face your fears.

Understand The Need To Give Before You Take

Any business, whether online or off, does not exist to make money. This is the popular perception and it is what you will read in economic textbooks. But it will send you down the wrong line of thinking.

Businesses exist to provide something of value to people. When you focus on providing something of value to people you can then leverage that to earn money from it. Most offline businesses provide goods and services of value and charge for them. Most online businesses provide excellent and highly valuable content and then leverage that for income through advertising or affiliate commissions.

You have to give before you take. If you focus just on making money you will find yourself coming up short. You can convince people to buy things they do not need for a short time, but in the end you will always get found out. To build a sustainable long term business you need to provide value that people will be happy to pay for, without being tricked. People will come back to you and they will tell their friends. But it starts with providing value. That is the attitude in business you need.

The need to provide value is particularly the case when building an Internet business. People are accustomed to reading free content and they are skeptical of online stores if they are not a well known and trusted brand.

You have to capture your audience with excellent free content. You have to give them something that makes them want to stay on your site. Then and only then can you proposition them with sales. Go straight for the sale and they will be far less likely to buy.


Some people are happy to work all their lives for other people. Many though would love nothing more than to run their own business. However not everybody is suited to running a business. Some need the structure and support that is put in place by employment.

You have to be fiercely independent. You have to want to escape from the drudgery and reliance of employment. But you need to be able to work alone to succeed online. You can do it in a partnership but chances are you will not be working in large teams the way you do in most jobs.

You need to be able to be the boss and the slave rolled into one. Setting goals, agendas, deadlines and then following through on them yourself. You will wear every hat and be the jack of all trades and you will have nobody to rely on except you. You will need to motivate yourself when it gets hard. So you need to be independent if you want to succeed in building an Internet business.

Burning Desire

This is what I consider to be the most important attribute of all. Success comes to those who have a burning desire to succeed. A half assed and vague wish does not provide the fuel necessary to create a successful online business. You need to want it very badly because of the sacrifices in time and perseverance that is needed.

You will have to look within and examine the reasons behind you decision to begin building an Internet business. If it doesn't light your fire then you will find it hard. You may still get there but you will find it harder. The more passionate you are the easier it is.

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