Building Self Esteem And Confidence

Building self esteem and confidence is like building your muscles in the gym. It is something you need to actively work at on a regular basis. There are two ways you should approach this. The first is to uncover the reasons for your low self esteem and lack of confdience.

The second is to start building that self esteem muscle. Start by focusing on setting small but achievable goals before building up to bigger ones.

Slowly but surely over time you will build up an unshakeable self esteem and you will become unstoppable in anything that you do.

This includes career, fitness, sports and in particular relationships.

Look Good, Feel Good

A simple way to feel better about yourself is to dress sharply and make sure you always look the part.

Be A Badass By Surrounding Yourself With Other Badasses

You are always influenced by the people you spend the most time with. So be a badass by surrounding yourself with other badasses, rather than people who will drain your energy.

Overcoming Mediocrity

We have come to accept mediocrity as normal in many areas of life. But we should be striving for personal excellence in everything we do.

Use Prolonged Eye Contact To Flirt And Dominate Any Social Situation

Prolonged eye contact asserts your position as the dominant person in a social group. The simple act of lookig people in the eye can significantly improve your self esteem.

What Lack Of Eye Contact Says About You

A lack of eye contact send the message that you are weak and insecure. Improve your eye contact and you will see a noticable lift in your confidence and self esteem.

Getting To Know Yourself

This is a crucial step in becoming comfortable with who you are. Most people don't really know themselves because they have been told what they want in life by parents, teachers and society.

The Art Of Male Confidence

Manly men are confident men. Develop the ability to have supreme belief in your own ability, while at the same time being humble about it.

How To Be More Confident

If you suffer from low self esteem and confidence it is not something you are afflicted with for life. It is possible with belief and determination to work your way out of that situation and become more confident.

Overcoming Low Self Esteem By Not Taking The World So Seriously

One key to overcoming low self esteem is to relax the pressure to take yourself and the world so seriously. Take it easy and your self esteem will improve, it is not your responsibility to change the world.

Self Esteem Activities

This is my list of things to do to lift self esteem. It is basic, straightforward and avoids any type of quackery.

What Is Paruresis?

Paruresis is the medical term for shy bladder or pee shyness. It is the inability to urinate in public and affects a significant number of men.

What Causes Shy Bladder?

Shy bladder is not a biological phenomenon, it is a psychological one. This is triggered by a self fulfilling prophecy that you expect not to be able to urinate thus reinforcing the prophecy.

Self Hypnosis Cure For Shy Bladder

An effective cure for shy bladder is hypnosis. This is because the fear of public toilets comes from negative programming on the subconscious. Hypnosis is a way to reframe your programming.

Curing Shy Bladder Syndrome With Graduated Exposure Therapy

Graduated exposure therapy avoids looking into your subuconscious fears and instead builds you up through gradual steps of increasing difficulty.

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