Self Hypnosis Cure For Shy Bladder

One way to deal with pee shyness is graduated exposure therapy.

A sometimes more effective cure for shy bladder is hypnosis.

This is because the root cause of your anxiety and fear in public toilets comes from negative subconscious programming.

This programming was made during a traumatic event in the restroom, often in childhood.

The subconscious is always open to new suggestions and does not operate on a logical basis. Logic is the realm of the conscious mind, the subconscious deals in emotive suggestions. Even if there is no logical reason to fear a public toilet if your subconscious drives you towards anxiety then that is what you will feel.

Hypnosis can unearth the reason your negative and fearful subconscious programming. It can also relax your logical mind and allow access to your subconscious in order to reframe your perceptions of a public toilet in a more positive light.

While hypnotherapy would achieve this adequately it is priced at a range too far for many of us. A practical alternative is to use a downloaded self hypnosis tool.

The benefit of this is that you can do it anonymously in the private of your own home and nobody has to know. You don't even have to talk with a therapist. The hypnosis download will help you to relax and take you through a process where you address your fears and implant new impressions.

It won't be a once off quick fix, but it is a tool that you can use to slowly improve your shy bladder over time. At the very least it will give you a greater understanding of the condition and hope that it can be overcome.

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