7 Tips For Dating In Your Early Twenties

Dating in your early twenties is an exciting time. You have left the awkward teenage phase behind and you are now an adult in the real world.

The dating possibilities, as well as the life possibilities, are varied and interesting.

Embrace this time as you transition into adulthood and make sure you enjoy the experience.

Dealing With Being In Transition

Not only are you in a phase where you are transitioning, but all your potential dating partners will be in the same situation.

You are possibly going to college, finishing college, looking for a job, moving across the country or moving overseas. So are all the women.

In decades and centuries past when there was much less mobility and you were less likely to leave your hometown most people were already married by their early twenties.

It isn't like that today. It is hard to find a long term keeper in this environment. Even if you want to, don't put too much pressure on yourself, because this is the way of the world these days.

The flip side is that there is a lot of opportunity in the casual dating scene. People are in transition but that doesn't mean they don't want romantic connections. If you want casual dating then are are in luck.

Get out there and date widely, just don't get too invested or too hurt if things don't work out for the long term.

Take Advantage Of The Wider Range Of Women

When you were at high school you were mainly limited to dating people at your own or nearby schools in your own or nearby grades. At college this net would have widened a little bit. Once you graduate and join the real world the range opens up even further.

You can date people much older or young than you. You can travel overseas and date women from foreign countries. You can date people from completely different walks of life.

This can be hard to get used to, as it is common to try and stick to what we know.

But use this time to take advantage of the wider net you can cast.

You can also use this as an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Because now you will be dating women in a wider circle and they are less likely to have known you when you were younger or know your friends. Don't feel held back by the person you were as a teen, become anyone you want.

Don't Blame Yourself For Relationships Going Bad

The reality is that you will probably make a poor choice at some stage when it comes to women. Don't beat yourself up when the relationship goes sour and don't hold a grudge against yourself for being such an idiot to even date her in the first place.

I am guilty of this quite a lot and get angry at myself for dating a woman for a year. I wasted that year with her, not just because I could have been dating others, but because I stupidly spent all my time with her and barely hung out with my friends.

But I learned from it and forgave myself. You should too.

Enjoy It Without The Responsibilities

Chances are you don't have kids and a mortgage in your early twenties and your only major responsibility is work.

This is the perfect time to make dating a priority in life and explore all the highs and lows that human relationships can offer.

Don't be shy in putting yourself out there.

Avoid Timeline Pressure

Women suffer a lot of timeline pressure during their twenties, and get upset if there are not at a certain point romantically by the time they wanted to be.

This is because they expect their lives to conform to their childhood dreams and because they have a biological clock ticking.

Men don't have the same biological restraints, so don't get upset if your dating life is not progressing at the rate you want it to be. Take the pressure off yourself, enjoy the moment and what will happen will happen.

Explore Different Dating Opportunities Through Different Social Activities

Clubbing might get old very soon, if it hasn't gotten old already. In your early twenties you realize that it is possible to pick up women in places other than bars.

What you also find is that you can find much more desirable women in places other than seedy clubs past midnight.

Expand your horizons beyond your current social activities and you will meet new and more interesting women.

Dealing With Living At Home

Dating in your early twenties while still living at home can really cramp your style.

Make it a priority to get out of there and on your feet as soon as possible.

It's not always easy in this economy but be as independent as you can.

If you are living at home for the foreseeable future you will have to learn to manage this. If your parents are open to such discussions it often pays to have a frank and up front discussion with them about what they are comfortable with in their home, regarding you bringing girls over.

Whatever the case make sure you respect your parent's wishes. You are not a rebellious teen anymore and they are doing a favor by letting you live with them. They don't owe it to you and could kick you out anytime.

Hopefully they are reasonable people but if it is their house, then it's their rules.