7 Tips For Dating In Your Teens

Dating in your teens is a great time to get to know yourself, and what you want in a romantic partner.

It is also the time you will first experience one of the great pleasures and challenges in the world - a relationship with a woman

You have probably heard this before but remember you only get this time in your life once. These tips for dating in your teens will help you make the most of it.

Be Selective

In their teens most young men will just date anyone who shows an interest in them. This may be fine for your first one or two flings but beyond that make sure you choose wisely.

This is a time of exploration so you can date a wide variety of girls, but maintain at least some degree of selection and don't try and date anyone and everyone.

Don't Die Wondering

Shyness and low self esteem often get the better of young men in the dating field. This isn't limited to teens but it can be much worse for you if you are at high school.

The idea of asking someone out and getting rejected and dealing with the public humiliation freezes most guys before they make the move.

The key is to not give a fuck. Ignore the potential downside and chase what you want. Ask her out and don't die wondering. You won't regret it if you get rejected, but you might regret it if you never try.

Do What Is Best For You

Hard as it is in your teens, make your dating decisions based on what is best for you. Ignore your friends, ignore the crowd and follow your own course.

Whether that is going steady with one girl for a year or more, or playing the field as much as you can. Whatever you decide, make sure you do what is right for you. You develop your personality as a man by being an independent thinker, so make sure you apply this to dating as well.

Take The Pressure Off

Many young men grow up having watched too many soppy love movies and dream of meeting "the one" by the age of 18 and being married with kids by age 21.

Take the pressure off yourself by abandoning that line of thinking right now. Sure it might happen, but chances are in this day and age it won't. There is no need to weigh yourself down with these kinds of thoughts while dating in your teens.

Stay away from all the soppy gushy "I will love you forever" kind of garbage. It is unrealistic to get too invested and often traps you in a destructive relationship because you don't want to leave after you decided they were "the one" after your first kiss.

Date for fun and enjoyment and see what happens. If it works out then great, if not then it's no big deal because you weren't too emotionally invested anyway.

I made this mistake in my teens and wasted a year in a crap relationship. The girl was incredibly needy and I wouldn't leave because I had convinced myself we could "work it out." Working it out if for marriage, not for 3 month old teen relationships. If it isn't working then move on.

Don't Be Needy

In a similar vein to my previous point, don't be a soppy baggage carrying wet blanket. Your teen girlfriend is not there to dump all of your life's problems on. She is there for you to have fun and enjoy life with, while learning about dating and relationships.

If you are an emotional baggage dump you will only end up attracting the same kind of girls. This makes for a lot of teen angst and not much enjoyment.

Don't be needy, just don't.

Be Yourself

It sounds obvious but it is important and most people don't do it. After you have been dating for a while you will realize that there are many fish out there and in order to attract the right ones you need to put out the right bait.

The right bait is not some fake guy that you wish you were. The right bait is being yourself, because that way you will attract a girl who is compatible with you.

If you fake it you will attract the wrong person and the relationship will die quickly.

A large part of dating in your teens is to figure out who you are. By being in intimate relationships with other people you learn very quickly what you like and dislike. This doesn't work if you pretend to be someone other than yourself.

Dive Right In

Don't be afraid of failure. Dive right into the dating experience. And if you fall, then dust yourself off and get straight back into the game. Each experience will refine you and your dating prowess.

If you are afraid to fail then you will never get your feet wet and you will never learn.