Dating Tall Women

Many men have a hang up when it comes to the thought of dating tall women. They worry about what people think and are afraid to break the perceived social norm of the man always being the taller one in the relationship.

Frankly if this is you, I think you should get over it. The purpose of dating is to make romantic connections. A person who you are attracted to should be someone you follow up with and not abandon due to one physical trait.

Height isn't an undesirable physical trait, it is just something that society has turned you against. The thing is that some men actually prefer tall women or are especially attracted to tall women.

If you really like someone but are afraid to move forward because of perceptions around dating tall women then try and open your mind and allow the connection to blossom. Here are some tips on how to date a tall woman.

Avoid Making An Issue Out Of Her Height

Most tall women are insecure about their height. They know the societal expectation more than anyone else. If they are going to follow the rules and date tall men then they are going to have a small pool to choose from.

For that reason most tall women will be perfectly happy dating a shorter man, but only if he is secure in himself for it not to be an issue. Tall women will stay away from shorter men who make the height difference an issue like the plague.

The easiest thing to do is not mention height at all. She is used to all the jokes, enquiries and quips about shoe size and basketball teams. Don't go there.

If you are going to mention it then make it brief and make the point that you have no issue with it.

Don't Let It Be An Issue For You

It won't do anyone any good if you avoid making an issue of of it with her, but let it gnaw away at you on the inside.

The point of not making an issue with her is not to hide it. The point is that it shouldn't be an issue at all.

If you are a secure and confident man then you will be happy in your own skin and happy with the man you are. In that case you can hold you head tall while you hold a taller woman on your arm and it really should be no problem.

Make Her Feel Good About Herself

This is standard dating advice for women of any height. But given that a tall woman is likely to be insecure about her body make sure she feels good about herself by complimenting her on her appearance.

Safe bets are her hair, her smile or what she is wearing. This will put her at ease because she will know that you are noticing her in her entirety and not just being transfixed by one aspect of her appearance.

Be a gentleman, treat her like a lady and things will go perfectly smooth.

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