Do Girls Like Big Muscles?

Many guys worry that if they don't have a good body they won't be able to get laid or keep a girl. Others start lifting weights thinking that it is a surefire way to have more success with the ladies.

So do girls like big muscles? Or is it your personality that shines through regardless of your body?

Well unfortunately the answer is yes, no, both, maybe and it depends.

Of course no one can speak for all women and women's tastes are as wide and varied as the 3 billion or so females that inhabit this planet. Their own tastes change throughout their lives and different cultures have different ideas of what constitutes an ideal body.

But in short, yes, having muscles is important. You will hear from many sources that the body doesn't matter, even from women themselves. But it does matter, although not necessarily in the way that you might think.

Primal Attraction

Ripped muscles and low body fat does create a primal desire in women, in the same way that tits and ass create a primal desire in men.

The reason men are attracted to a woman's breasts, hips and butt is because it represents a woman's fertility. Chances are if she stacks up in those regions she has a good chance of carrying your children, surviving childbirth and rearing healthy offspring.

Since we are programmed to spread our seed, we look for women who have good genes to carry that seed.

Women are also programmed to reproduce but what they are looking for is a man who can provide for her and more importantly, the children.

It's no good to her if you are incapable of hunting, fishing or defending her brood from attack.

Muscles and a good physique represent the idea that you will be able to care for your mate and for your offspring. Physical attributes are not so important for survival in the 21st century but we are still wired in a way that it matters.

Broad shoulders, a six pack and thighs like tree trunks are good primal indicators for women.

The Traits That Working Out Develop

So while the conscious mind of a woman knows that muscles are not key to survival these days, the subconscious takes over in making her attracted to them.

However even if muscles provide an initial attraction what happens when she starts talking to you, getting to know you and dating you?

You need to have something of value to offer and a ripped physique alone isn't going to cut it in today's dating marketplace.

Yet something happens to man when he starts lifting seriously. Something changes in his character.

If you lift you develop discipline, tenacity and stickability. You start to find direction and purpose. You set goals and you work to achieve them. Your self esteem and confidence rises significantly.

These traits are all highly attractive to women. The changes that working out have made up your mind and upon your character give you value.

Those that work out just to try and improve their chances with women will not experience this because they will fail in the gym. You will only succeed in the long run if you love the iron for it's own sake and lift for the purpose of developing yourself.

Getting better with women is a positive side effect and it is one of many positive side effects that being fit, healthy and ripped can have.

So coming back to answer the question - do girls like big muscles? Not having a great body doesn't necessarily hinder you with women. You may have develop an awesome character and personality elsewhere. But from both an aesthetic and character building point of view it sure is better to have muscles than not.

If you are reading this article because you are worried about not being in shape then I encourage you to start hitting the gym. You will soon find out whether you have the stickability to make big gains or not.

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