Don't Talk To Your Ex Girlfriend

If you have recently gone through a break up make sure you stay strong and don't talk to your ex girlfriend.

One of the worst things you can do, both for your own healing and hers, is to contact your ex.

You may have the urge, when you are bored, lonely and missing her to give her a call. Maybe it's just nostalgia or maybe you have convinced yourself that you want her back. Either way override the urge and don't call her.

The break up was made for a reason. Let that reason stand. In the unlikely event that it was a bad call and you think you should get back together, time will put that right with sober reflection. In the meantime, especially while things are raw and emotional, refrain from calling her.

The problem with staying in touch is that it creates false hope of you getting back together, particularly if it wasn't a mutually agreed upon break up. If she dumped you then you need to space and vacuum to get over her, constantly seeing her and talking to her will only delay the process.

The fact you broke up it meant something was not going right in the relationship. There may have been some great times, but those are over now. If you maintain contact your memory of the good times will swell and your memory of the bad times will fade. This rose tinted nostalgic view of the relationship is unhealthy because it is not grounded in reality. Cut contact and let yourself forget about your ex.

Delete your ex's number and delete her on Facebook. The last thing you want to do is to make contact with her while you are drunk. Of course these days it will be easy enough to get that number back later on if you really want to, but for now it removes the temptation.

Don't contact your ex out of respect for her as well. She needs time and space to grieve and recover, even if she was the one who ended things. Do the right thing and respect her decision. Nobody likes a whiny guy who constantly rings begging for her to change her mind.

I know it's easy for me to say and hard for you to hear but time does heal the wounds. That won't make the pain go away tomorrow but keep plugging away and things will get better. It takes serious willpower to avoid calling her, but be the bigger man and make sure that you find the willpower somehow.

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