Easy Romantic Food Ideas

These easy romantic food ideas are classy yet simple enough that they do not require huge amounts of preparation.

When you are planning food for a romantic evening you don't want to be too elaborate. Spending too much time in the kitchen takes away from the focus on your significant other.

However at the same time you shouldn't ignore the fact that making an effort with the food is important.

A romantic meal should be a little bit different and a little bit special. Go that extra bit further with quality ingredients and a well thought out menu. Quickly whipping up your standard fare won't do.

Ideally you will find dishes that strike the balance between being easy to prepare, taste delicious and present very well.

Stick With A Favorite Chef

One quick tip before I talk about my favorite easy romantic food.

Cookbooks have become obsolete with the internet, and you can now do a quick Google search for any recipe.

The problem is determining the quality of the recipe. My solution is to stick closely to one or two favorite chefs and use their recipes where possible. You get to know their style and you learn to trust them.

Personally, I like British chef Jamie Oliver. He has a great balance between ease and sophistication.

When looking for a recipe I will always start with his website and I'll only look elsewhere if he doesn't have recipe for the dish that I want to cook. You will notice that most of the links below are to Jamie Oliver.

Salads and Entrees

Cheese and Crackers: You can't go past this classic favorite. Buy a selection of good quality cheeses and some nice crackers and arrange nicely on a platter. Very simple, easy and elegant.

Baked Camembert: Taking cheese and crackers up a notch and great for winter. Bake a camembert whole and serve it with crusty bread. See Jamie Oliver's recipe.

Olives and Feta: Can be served in addition to cheese and crackers or just by itself. Buy fresh olives and some nice feta and don't forget toothpicks to serve.

Bruschetta: Anything Italian is instantly romantic. For a slightly more filling entree, you will be on to a winner with this tomato and basil crusty bread. See Jamie Oliver's recipe.

Anti Pasta Plate: This is one of my favorites. Finger food is especially good for a date night as it is easy and doesn't require cooking. Get a range of cold cuts, cheeses and pickles and create your own masterpiece.

Caesar Salad: A popular classic that can be simple or difficult based on whether you want to make your own dressing or buy it. Bacon and croutons make for an enjoyable salad.

Caprese Salad: Another romantic Italian winner. Tomato, basil and mozzarella. Simple and delicious. If you can't find buffalo mozzarella just use the regular stuff. If you are planning an Italian meal then this easy starter is the one to turn to. Cutting the mozzarella into hearts like this is optional.


Salmon: Salmon is well known as an aphrodisiac, so why not serve it at a romantic meal? The great thing about salmon is that women tend to love it. But because its expensive people don't eat it very often so splashing out on this expensive fish will be something special. It's reasonably straight forward to prepare, just try not to overcook it. Again rely on Jamie.

Steak: The great thing about steak as a romantic food is that it is super easy and quick to cook, yet it is a quality meal. Just make sure that when cooking for a date you go for a nice cut. Rib eye or porterhouse would be a good bet. Branch out from beef and try lamb if you want to take it to the next level.

Raclette: This Swiss dish also utilizes the idea that sharing finger food is a great romantic date idea. Raclette is broiled cheese, served with crusty bread, boiled potatoes, cured meats and pickles. You broil a little bit of cheese at a time and share it as you eat your various sides with the melted cheese. Cook The Story has a great explanation of why Raclette is an ideal romantic meal as well as a great recipe.

Spaghetti Carbonara: A quick and easy favorite that is delicious when done right. It is a 15 minute meal from start to finish and if you use good quality bacon and fresh rather than dried pasta it is delicious and definitely worth of being a romantic food.

Spaghetti With Prawns: If you want to step it up a little from carbonara how about cooking pasta with some prawns. Prawns are a quality seafood and a date night favorite. Again stick with Jamie and you can't go wrong.


When preparing romantic food should the magic combination you are looking for is something easy to prepare, yet delicious and well presented. With dessert this is much easier because you can prepare things ahead of time. These are a few easy winners.

Chocolate Mousse: I don't know many women who can resist chocolate, and very few are going to have the ability to resist a delicious chocolate mousse. This is a straightforward winner.

Trifles: Trifle is quick and easy to prepare in advance. If you serve them in clear individual glasses like Jamie has done they look stunning and are guaranteed to impress.

Strawberries and Chocolate Dip: You can dip the strawberries in chocolate and set them ahead of time. Alternatively just provide strawberries with chocolate to dip on the table. Strawberries are a winner and girls love chocolate, so you can't go wrong with this. There is always the opportunity to help "clean up" that little bit of chocolate on the side of each other's mouth.

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