How To Control Your Emotional Insecurity

When dealing with emotional insecurity the ideal situation is to learn to overcome it.

However that can be a process that takes time.

In the interim learning to control emotional insecurity can be extremely helpful.

You can have a very good understanding about the logical reasons why you shouldn't have insecurities.

But if they are affecting you at an emotional level then all the logic in the world can quickly fly out the window.

Accepting Your Emotional Insecurity

Accepting is the first step to managing and controlling and ultimately leads to overcoming. We all have insecurities so you might as well acknowledge them. At the same time none of us can overcome them with the flick of a switch, it takes a process of self discovery and subconscious reprograming.

Given this situation it makes sense to accept yourself warts and all, even with the insecurities. If you fight against them you will only get sucked deeper in a spiral of negativity, doubt and self-loathing.

Gaining Perspective

Emotional insecurity rears its head at times when you are being driven strongly by the heart and very little by the head. Neither the head nor the heart should ever dominate too much, you want to maintain a balance. This will be ever fluctuating but it is something to be aware of. When you driven by the heart with a negative frame of mind insecurities can take over. By taking a step back and reframing your perspective you can bring your head back into play and bring some restraint to your emotions.

Look To Yourself Not To Others

When you are feeling a heightened sense of insecurity you look to others for reassurance. This calms the insecurity and brings the emotional level back closer to balance. However this can only ever be a temporary state of affairs and another trigger will send the insecurity skyrocketing again.

Emotions are not determined by the outside world, they are determined by how we react to the outside world. You have the ability to regulate your emotional reaction. When you understand this you stop looking to others for reassurance and start looking at yourself to find the source of the insecurity. By looking in the mirror you keep control of the emotion and avoid lashing out.

Don't Cover Up Your Insecurities

This is something we all do. Whether it is spending money, drinking, smoking, having sex, buying a car. Think deeply about your behavior patterns in response to your insecurities. You cannot deal with them if you pretend they don't exist and paper over them with false materialistic facades of self worth.

Look After Yourself

This is a basic and easy to do one. The chances of having an insecure outburst increase when you are tired, stressed and under pressure. Maintain a healthy lifestyle including fitness, good nutrition, adequate sleep, plenty of water and a low stress environment.

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