Getting Back In The Game

When it comes to getting back in the game after a break up the key things are to go in with confidence and an open mind. Perhaps you didn't expect to find yourself in this position, but you are here now so you might as well make the most of it.

Developing yourself in other areas such as fitness, career and personal development will help you when it comes to dating and attracting new love.

Becoming the type of man that keeps the girl, means that you also have the ability to be the type of high value man that attracts new high value women.

This is regardless of whether you are dating to have a good time or whether you are dating to try and find the woman of your dreams.

How To Find A Good Woman

Are you looking for a long term relationship but struggling to find a good woman? Instead of blaming society, instead you should look to improve yourself.

5 Clever And Easy Ways To Judge A Woman's Character

You need to judge a woman's character so you know if she is the right girl for you. You also need to ensure that you think about this without emotion.

Make Dating Easy

Don't overcomlicate dating. Finding a mate is a biological process that we are hardwired to do. Shed yourself of society's conditioning and be confident to go after what you want.

Take Women Off The Pedastal

If you take women off the pedastal you reduce their power over you. You stop being a starstruck little wimp and can become a dominant male. Badasses are successful with women because they don't glorify them and they don't grovel. They act the dominant male and women love it.

She Wants You To Sweep Her Off Her Feet

Many young men have fear when approaching women because they wrongly believe that women are just going to shoot them down. But all women badly want someone to sweep them off their feet. They are just burning with desire for that special guy to some along and blow their mind. This article will rearrange your attitude and change the way you think about approaching women.

How To Sweep A Woman Off Her Feet

So considering that women are craving a badass man to come along and set their world on fire, how do you it? Sweeping a woman off her feet isn't what you do but how you do it. It's how you make her feel on the inside and what your actions say about the man you are.

7 Tips For Dating In Your Teens

Are you a teen? Then check out my tips for making the most of dating whilst you in the teenage years.

7 Tips For Dating In Your Early Twenties

Cast off your teen self and reinvent yourself if you have to. Take advantage of the wider range of women available and the casual dating scene.

How To Get Over Unrequited Love

Unrequited love is when you love someone, but the feeling is not returned. It can be devastating but there are ways to overcome it and move on.

Do Girls Like Shy Guys?

There are some traits of shy guys that women find attractive. However you can't be so lacking in confidence that you miss your chances. You still need to know when to make the move.

Overcoming The Fear Of Rejection

Learning how to desensitize yourself to rejection will help you make massive stides towards improving your confidence with women.

Overcoming Self Consciousness With Women

Manage your self consciousness by putting yourself in her shoes. She is also nervous and self conscious. Become more confident and take women off the pedastal.

Why Beautiful Women Are Insecure

Understanding why beautiful women are insecure will help reduce any fears you may have about approaching them. After all they are humans too and we all have our insecurities and our shields.

Why You Don't Have A Girlfriend

Being lazy, needy, boring and directionless are massive turn offs for women. Have a good look at yourself in the mirror and see if you need to remedy these issues in order to make you more dateable.

How To Talk About Yourself On A Date

You need be able to portray yourself as an interesting person when describing yourself to a woman. However make sure you don't cross the line and come across as arrogant and detached.

Finding The Right Girl

Are you dating to get laid or are you dating to find love? If you are looking for love you need to have the right mindset in order to find the right girl.

Dating Tall Women

If you are attracted to a tall woman, don't be put off by the societal demand that the male must be taller. Put the issue to bed and get on with what could be a wonderful relationship.

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