Your Girlfriend's Friends - You Have To Get Along With Them

The girlfriend's friends. Like them or not it is an unfortunate fact that you must learn to live with them.

If you really want to make a relationship work with your woman in the long term you have to get along with her friends. They are going to be around all the time so you must deal with it.

Ideally you would really enjoy the company of your girlfriend's friends. But it's not an ideal world.

Tolerating them is at least the minimum you need to aim for. Getting along with her mates will make for a more harmonious relationship. If you don't get along then it will cause you a major strain and just be a pain in the ass.

Just like we have "bros before hos" women won't let their friend put you before them if they don't think you are worth it. So you have to win them over.

A Woman's Best Friend Is The Key To Your Relationship

The best friend is the gatekeeper.

Of all your girlfriend's friends she is the one.

Women tell each other everything.

If the bestie doesn't like you she will makes these feelings known.

And if the best friend really doesn't like you she will do everything in her power to derail you.

A woman is not always going to leave a man because her best friend doesn't like him. But life is just easier if you can get along.

Don't suck up to her best friend but make a genuine effort. Make the first impression count. When you are in a relationship with a woman you may be seeing the best friend a lot. So it's important you get along well.

Her Friends Can Be The Enemy

You know how women slag off their friends to you? Tell you how much a slut they are or how materialistic they are? Or some major flaw that they have? It's the catty nature of women.

Realize that at times your woman will slag you off in exactly the same way to her friends. She'll tell them how much of an asshole you are or how you did something and refuse to apologize. So they will form an impression of you through hearsay and it might not be a good one. Be prepared for this.

Don't try and correct their wrong impression. Don't worry about it because you can't control it. Just shrug it off, be the man and over time their impression will change.

Also without doubt one of your girlfriends's friends will be single and lonely. And she will make a hobby out of hating men. This friend, probably fat and or ugly, is the worst one when it comes slagging you off. Not having been laid in a while she hates men and is more than willing to drag your woman into her man hating vortex.

She will consider it her duty to protect your women from men and before she even met you probably decided you weren't good enough.

Realize she can be the enemy and make a special effort with this one.

Compatability With Her Friends

You and your woman are lovers. But ultimately you are friends. Best friends. So in theory your woman's friends i.e. the friends of your friend should be reasonably like minded people. Obviously not every single one is going to be a good match but on the whole you should get along pretty well.

If you really don't get long with most of her friends then it says something about your compatability. If the people you spend most of your time with are so vastly different then your relationship will struggle to last the distance. But if you like the same kind of people you will pick up mutual friends and life will be a lot smoother.

Once the honeymoon period of the relationship wears off and your woman is no longer 100% perfect in your eyes it becomes more important for you to get along with her friends. When all you want to do is get her naked you can put up with her annoying friends. But as the relationship matures and you start getting invited to events as a couple it has to work. Otherwise you will hate getting dragged along to things and resentment will build.

She Has To Get Along With Your Mates As Well

It's no good you making a good effort with her friends if she doesn't do the same for you. If your mates don't like her it will make things difficult. They won't want her around and she won't want to spend time with any of them. This will drive a big wedge.

So consider how she gets along with your crew and factor it in when you think about the future for you both.

Read this article to find out how to win over your girlfriend's mates.

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