Give Your Life Direction

Give your life direction by determining what it is that you want to achieve and how you are going to go about it. The clarity will be great for you because it will help you to achieve your goals.

But it will also be great for your partner as she will be able to see that you are a driven individual who knows how to achieve things in life. A man with purpose who makes things happen is attractive. A man who drifts through life without purpose has little interest.

It also helps her nesting instincts if she is thinking about you as a long term prospect. Knowing that you have control over your life and take responsbility means she has some clarity over what to expect from you in the future.

Compare that to someone who lacks aim and doesn't know where he is going to be tomorrow. How can a woman then know where he is going to be in a few years?

How To Live In A Crazy World

Make peace with the world, learn how it works, don't wait for anything to be happy, take responsibility and lose your sense of entitlement.

How To Take Responsibility For Your Life

When you allow your life to be at the whim of circumstance it is easy to make excuses. Take responsibility and charge of what happens in your life and that way you can live however you want.

What Is A Badass?

It is about conscious manliness. It is about living life as you choose and blazing your own path, whatever that path may be. It is not about driving a motorbike and trying to be a playboy.

The Four Stages Of Personal Development

These are the enthusiastic beginner, the disillusioned leaner, the capable but cautious performer and the self reliant achiever. Understand the stages to prevent you getting bogged down at stage 2.

A Success Mindset And Badass Attitude Affect All Areas Of Life

When you develop a mindset of success you can make amazing progress in any field. The principles of success apply whatever it is you are doing. The details change based on the endeavor but the underlying attitude required to achieve remains the same. Learn it and it will bring positive change in all areas of life.

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