The Growth Zone

All the problems you have in your relationships and in your life can be overcome with your mind.

It sounds like an esoteric hippy concept but over the years I have found it to be very true.

If you take responsibility for the circumstances in your life then you give yourself the power to change them.

The change happens first in the mind, and only then does action follow.

I first learned about this concept when I was 19 years old and struggling. Things weren't going as well as I wanted them to be in college, in my love life and in my social life.

Ultimately I realized that instead of wallowing in self pity, I had to take responsiblity for changing things.

I tried a lot of things to get me out of the funk and feeling good again including therapy, reiki, mediation, yoga, rebirthing and reading almost every self help book I could get my hands on.

They all worked to some degree, and reiki is something that I have been able to stick with as a healing and personal growth tool.

However there is one other tool that I discovered that could help me deal with the issues I was facing in life.

That was hypnosis.

I didn't go and see a hypnotherapist and hand over hundreds of dollars. Therapy and rebirthing had already lightened my wallet.

Instead I downloaded audio files from the internet, that were created by professionals, but allowed me to go through the process in my own time and from my own home and for a fraction of the cost.

The primary issue I dealt with was relationships and insecurities about my value and desirability as a partner.

But I've also used hypnosis to deal with career issues, medical issues and other general personal development issues.

I've been recommended self hypnosis as a way of dealing with relationship issues on Badass Young Men for 5 years.

I recommend this method because I've found success with it and I genuinely believe in it.

Thousands of Badass Young Men readers have also been helped through their issues by using self hypnosis.

Creating A Habit

The challenge with any personal development is creating a habit and sticking to it. Otherwise change never happens.

It doesn't matter how enthusiastic you are at first, once that enthusiasm dwindles, if you don't have a habit then you won't stick with your changes.

If you can afford a professional then they can handle a lot of this motivation for you.

For example a personal trainer will get you results much faster than if you try to go it alone, purely because they make sure you keep turning up and putting in the effort.

A professional therapist will help you work through your issues, because when you book an appointment and pay a lot of money, you commit to the process.

But what about when you don't have a professional? What happens when you try and create change in your life on your own?

If you are like most people then willpower is a finite resource that eventually runs out. If you are like most people you struggle to embed new habits and create lasting change.

A great option to deal with this problem is a Growth Zone membership from Hypnosis Downloads.

Instead of downloading one audio file, listening to it once and then forgetting about it, a membership is going to keep you motivated and engaged by reminding you to keep working on your hypnosis.

Every fortnight you will be given a credit, which enables you to download an mp3 of your choice from the extensive library.

You will get an email every two weeks, reminding you to use your credits.

The monthly membership at $21.95 saves you a significant amount of money off the retail price of the hypnosis downloads. However I think that the biggest bonus to having a membership is that it helps you build a regular habit of engaging in personal development.

If you regularly take the time to listen to these audio files, you can't help but see positive changes in your life.

The therapist talking to you helps you to relax your active mind, access the subconscious and embed new and healthier thought patterns.

It's not going to turn you into a new person overnight, but slow and steady progress over a long period of time will see you reap enormous rewards.

The challenge is to stick to the habit and commit.

Types of Downloads

There are hundreds of downloads you can choose from on a wide variety of topics. However to give you an example of the things that might be most relevant to you, here are some of the most popular downloads from Badass Young Men readers:

  • Insecurity in Relationships
  • Overcoming Jealousy
  • Stop Obsessive Thoughts
  • Overcome Fear of Rejection
  • Overcome Fear of Abandonment
  • Give Your Partner Space
  • Love Your Imperfect Partner
  • Independence In Relationships
  • Trust Again
  • Be More Romantic
  • Getting Over A Relationship
  • Unrequited Love
  • Love Again
  • Overcome Self Consciousness
  • Approaching Women With Confidence
  • Be More Attractive To Women
  • Confidence With Attractive Women
  • Flirting Confidence
  • Dating Confidence

As you can see there is plenty of great material for you to delve into to help you become a better man and a better partner in a relationship.

If this sounds like you then find out more about a Growth Zone membership here.