Do Girls Like Guys With Money?

A lot of men wonder whether women are more likely to get with or stick with guys with money. It may seem that way and it is very easy to be envious of guys who have a lot of cash.

If you aren't succeeding with women it's easy to try and convince yourself that you would do better if you had better looks or more money. The reality is that yes, women do like guys with money. But it's not for the money itself. It's for what the money represents, and that is security.

The good news is that if you don't have a lot of money now, you can substitute that with ambition and the possibility of future earning potential.

Why Women Want Security

At the very least women want you to be able to provide for yourself and not leech off them.

I saw lots of friends get dumped at the end of college because they had no ambition and no job. This was tolerated by women while no one was earning anything at college, but once the women entered the workforce and started earning some money, having a slob with no direction for a boyfriend was not interesting for them.

So at the bare minimum they need to see that you aren't going to rely on them and can stand on your own two feet. But more than that, women want to see that you offer them some degree of security.

Realistically if she is prospecting your for a long term relationship, subconsciously (if not consciously), she is thinking about whether you can be the father of her children. She doesn't want security because she is a gold digger, she wants it because her maternal instinct is hard wired that way.

Realistically when she has kids one day, she will want to take a break from her own career and you need to be able to hold the family together.

So it's not just about having guys with money, but what that money can do. It gives security, it gives flexibility, it gives options.

Why Money Is Down The List Of Importance

Women want security and in the modern world this is largely represented by money, although things like emotional security do come into the equation as well.

However money is not the primary driver in a woman deciding whether she can be with you or not. Apart from the small minority of gold diggers, if you offer nothing to a woman except for money she will move on.

What that means is that she is looking for personality, character, shared interests and all the other things before she worries about money.

It's less about whether you have a huge pile of cash and more about the fact that you aren't a deadbeat who is actually going to be a drain on her. As long as you don't fit that criteria, you will be fine. Of course being a guy with money may give you an advantage, but it is further down the list of her priorities.

Money As Value

Unless you steal your wealth the only way to get a lot of money is to create something of value to the marketplace. The greater the value you provide the more financial compensation you receive.

Value creation is a very attractive trait. Running your own business is much more attractive than flipping burgers.

That's why often people mistake a woman for being attracted to a man for his money. Well actually to get the money in the first place he needed certain characteristics and those are the things that pull her in.

Don't hate on other guys with money for having more than you do. Someone is always going to have more so that attitude just leads to a never ending cycle of envy.

Instead find a way to provide more value in the world and earn more money for yourself. The kind of person you need to become to earn a lot of money is worth much more than the money itself. And becoming that type of person is worth much more than the women you will attract. The ladies are an added bonus.

Ambition Over Money

Teens and college students have no money but can still attract and keep women. So why is that?

Two reasons. Firstly the younger a woman is the less security is an issue for her. While her family still provides for her and kids are a distant thought, financial security will be a minor consideration. The older she gets and the louder the biological clock ticks the more it comes into play.

The second reason is that ambition and the potential for future earnings can trump immediate cash flow. This is why younger guys or guys at college still have success with women.

If you don't have much money right now and are worried about how that might affect your abilities with women, they don't be concerned. Just make sure you have ambition in spades to make up for it.

You can attract and keep women without money if you have lots else going for you and you aren't a leech.

If you have no ambition or direction in life then sorting that out should be your first priority before you worry about success with women. Sort that issue out and the women will start to appear as if by magic.

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