How To Find The G Spot

Learning how to find the G Spot is rather easy, however unlike you may read elsewhere the G Spot is not a magic button that when pushed is going to send your woman into an automatic mind blowing orgasm.

All women have a G Spot but for some it is much more pronounced and much more sensitive than others.

The G Spot is not actually a spot but rather an area or zone.

It is located behind the vaginal lining, so what a women will feel is going to depend on how thick her vaginal lining is and how swollen her G Spot becomes with arousal.

While your woman may be one who loves G Spot stimulation she may be one for which G Spot stimulation does little. Still it is worth exploring and trying anyway, either she will love it or you may find another area of her vagina that she likes even more.

Where The G Spot Is Located?

A woman's urethra runs from the vaginal opening to the bladder in alignment with the vaginal canal. The urethra is wrapped with tissue, glands and ducts called the urethral sponge, which when a woman is aroused fills with fluid and expands.

The G Spot is where the sponge becomes engorged and can be felt through the membrane from within the vaginal canal. This means it is located on the front wall of the vagina, between her vaginal canal and pubis mons.

How To Find The G Spot

The best way to find the G Spot and stimulate the area is to have your woman lie flat on her back with her legs apart. Position your hand palm up near the entrance to her vagina.

Insert your middle finger gently into her vagina. You do not need to go too far, somewhere in between the first and second knuckle should suffice.

Given that the G Spot is on the front wall you then need to bend you finger slightly so your fingertip is pressing on that front wall. Run your finger gently along the front wall back towards the vaginal opening. This is often referred to as using the "come hither" motion - moving your finger inside the vagina as if beckoning to someone from afar.

If you use the "come hither" motion and your woman is suitably aroused you should find an area that is slightly rougher than the rest of the internal vaginal tissue, which is normally quite smooth.

It is often described as feeling like the ridges of a walnut. Find that area and you have learned how to find the G Spot.

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