How To Get Along With Your Mom

It is important you learn how to get along with your mom. A young man needs to strike a good balance in his relationship with his mother. He can't be a momma's boy but also he can't shut her out of his life because that's equally unhealthy.

Because your mom is the first woman you ever form a relationship with.

And how your relationship with her pans out will have a major effect on your relationships with all other woman.

So it's important to at least get along with your mother. If you don't learn how to get along with your mom or you hold deep seated resentment towards her you can end up with a bad attitude towards woman in general. You will find it hard to respect your partners. And if you are a little pussy momma's boy you can end up trying to turn your partner into your mother.

Momma's boys can't face the world alone, they are dependent, and they need a safety net. This is the complete and pathetic antithesis to being badass.

Even if you already have a good relationship with your mother, you must nurture it and work on it like you would any other relationship. As you get older it will become more important to have a peaceful harmonious relationship and get along with your mother.

How To Get Along With Your Mom

1. Make An Effort To Get Along With Your Mother

You need to be proactive in developing the bond between you and your mother. This is especially the case if you have had trouble with her in the past.

She may be afraid to take the initiative. If you are forever telling your Mom that you are too busy to spend time with you she may eventually stop trying for fear of rejection.

So make the first move, make an effort and show that you are going out of your way to spend time with her.

2. Try And Appreciate What She Has Done For You

This will be easier to do when you have had kids yourself. But if you can try and do it now it will be of great benefit. Your parents put their own dreams on hold to raise you. They sacrificed everything for your benefit. If you can genuinely appreciate that then you will view you mother differently. This is key when learning how to get along with your mom.

3. Help Her Out

Does she need help around the house? In the garden? With her car? You have mooched off your mother for long enough. Don't just flee the nest and leave her helpless. Offer your services. She has done so much for you so repay the favor.

4. Ask Her For Advice

Women love when you ask them stuff. When you confide in them and ask them for their opinion. You don't have to listen to what she says, she will just love the fact that you have come to her. It keeps her in the loop of what's going on in your life and mothers need to feel a part of that.

5. Understand She Did Her Best - There Is No Parenting School

No one sits parents down and says, "this is the right way to raise a child." There is no standard. You don't get a A+, B+ or C+ on your ability to raise a child. Every single parent in the world is just winging it. They don't have a clue and they are just doing their best.

Again this is something that is easier to understand when you have your own kids. But just think about it - all those grudges you hold against your Mom, all those times you feel she did you wrong - she was trying her best, she wanted the best for you. She never hurt you on purpose. Mothers don't do that.

6. Realize That She Is Vulnerable And Human

You have anger, fears, insecurities. So does your mother. She isn't bulletproof. She has feelings too. You can't expect her to be superwoman just because she gave you life. Understand she has her shortcomings but don't hold it against her. We all have our weaknesses. Have compassion.

7. Let Go Of Your Resentment

If you give fuel to your anger and resentment towards your mother it keeps a negative perception of her at the front of her mind. And the more she is at the front of your mind, the more you can't let go, the angrier you get, the more resentment you feel. If you manned up and forgave her for the grudges you hold the negative feelings will dissipate.

It's kind of like Star Wars. If you forgive and let go you will be at peace. If you are holding on to negativity you aren't making her suffer, you are making you suffer.

8. Accept Responsibility For Your Own Life

A man takes charge of his own life and accepts responsibility, he doesn't blame his parents for his shortcomings. Don't worry about how she is trying to influence or control you and don't blame her for what she has done or what she is doing. You can't control her, so just focus on yourself and what you can do. Take charge of your life.

9. Avoid Pointless Bickering

There is no point having the same fight with your mother over and over again. If you know what pushes her buttons don't bring it up. And if she brings up stuff that pushed your buttons figure out a way to ignore it. You may need to come to a truce and agree to disagree, but just stop the fighting.

Unfortunately if you want to get along with your mother you can't tell her where to shove it, the way you might do with someone else.

10. You Can Only Change Yourself

If you have got to the end of this article you might be sitting there thinking that none of these suggestions tell you how to deal with your Mom or how to make her more bearable. Instead they only tell you to change.

One of the key elements to being truly badass is to understand that you cannot control the world, you can only control yourself. But when you make a change to yourself you change the social world that orbits around you. If you change, your mother will change, maybe in a major way or maybe just in the way that you see her.

So do what is in your power and let go of the need to try and change others. This will help you to get along with your mother.

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