Learning How To Get Six Pack Abs Is Not The Reward In Itself

Anybody can learn how to get six pack abs if they put enough effort in. If they eat right, do effective cardio and lift weights they will get there.

It may take many months or even years depending on where you are currently at, but with dedication the goal can be achieved.

The value in setting a goal is never the reward of the goal itself.

The real value is in the transformation that you must go through in order to achieve it. When you set yourself a challenging goal that takes a lot of hard work you become a different person once the result has been achieved.

The Experience Changes You

Gaining muscle and losing weight are good things. But if you set the goal of "losing weight" you will be unlikely to achieve it. Goals need to be specific and measurable. If you set the goal of seeing your abs then you will inherently lose weight along the way and thus achieve what you intended in the first place.

There is nothing special about learning how to get six pack abs. The six pack muscles are actually muscles that are not that useful, all they do is make you sit up effectively. All a six pack really shows is that you have been able to trim the excess body fat from your waistline. We all have ripped abs, they are just hiding. Losing that last little layer of fat is good but it really doesn't make a huge difference in your life. Apart from looking good of course.

Because losing that last layer of fat is such a challenge and achieving a ripped six pack is hard it requires you to go through quite a serious transformation as a person in order to achieve that goal.

You will need to be able to formulate a tangible goal and hold it in your mind as you work towards it. This is not always easy for some people. You will need to form effective habits and overcome bad habits and stick to them over a long period of time. You will need to learn how to eat super healthy and overcome bingeing and cravings. You will learn discipline. All these things are the reward when you learn how to get six pack abs.

This is the reason why I endorse six pack abs as a goal. It is not for shallow reasons. When you set goals you need physical tangible targets that are specific and measurable. You need to be able to visualize them. A six pack is perfect for this purpose. If you want to lose weight, build muscle or generally be more healthy then you need a specific goal in order to achieve that outcome.

What I do not like is setting the goal of a six pack for vanity. People who do this rarely succeed because the desire to look good does not normally burn strongly enough to make people make all the sacrifices that are needed for a six pack.

This is why men's magazines can peddle headlines such as "How To Get Six Pack Abs In Six Weeks." People love the quick fix because they just want the end result for the sake of having the end result. They want the fastest way to a six pack because they want to look good. It is not enough.

A true badass will desire to improve his habits, his eating, his discipline, his goal setting. Thus for him a six pack is an appropriate target. He will not give in to the bait of an easy road because he does not want to easy road. There are no elements of personal development on an easy road.

This is why I promote the idea of setting a goal to get a six pack. Not for the result itself but for the personal transformation a man will take on the journey to achieve it.

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