How To Talk About Yourself On A Date

It is inevitable when meeting women that you will have to describe yourself.

So you need to know how to talk about yourself in such a way that makes you appealing but also humble.

Hopefully you don't get the socially lazy question of "describe yourself."

Hopefully your date has some interesting things to talk about and basic conversational skills.

On a side note, never ask the kind of broad question like "describe yourself" as it is off putting and very difficult to answer directly. You will find out about a person if you ask them specific questions as that will build up the overall picture.

But whether it is "describe yourself" or "tell me about your job," you need to have something to say and a positive way to portray it.

The Importance Of Positive Self Talk

How you talk about yourself and describe yourself to women has a massive effect on what she is going to think of you. This has been discussed a lot in the Pick Up Artist community, however it is not some cheap PUA trick.

Good self talk reflects that you are a confident, secure and articulate man. If you talk poorly of yourself of course any self respecting woman would be turned off, but you then have bigger problems beyond just dating.

Positive self talk is a reflection of how you feel about yourself, so if you are happy in your own skin that should be demonstrated in your conversation.

Whatever your status is in terms of dating currency (job, finances, hobbies etc) there is no objective standard. Whatever your circumstances are you can portray them well or portray them poorly. You might as well portray them well and let your date determine for herself.

How To Describe Yourself

Be Humble Yet Confident

A lot of men try to be too humble to the point that they talk negatively of themselves. Humility is important but this doesn't mean you should be self critical, all it means is that you shouldn't talk yourself up unnecessarily. Be confident, not arrogant.

Be Generous But Always Turn It Back

A good piece of dating advice is not to talk about yourself too much. However some people can overcorrect into not talking about themselves at all or holding their cards too close to their chest. You need to open up a fair amount and be generous with what you divulge about yourself. Just make sure to always turn the conversation back to her and make sure she is doing more of the talking.

Present Yourself As More Than Ordinary

A surefire way to impress is to show yourself as someone with ambition, interest, experiences or qualities above the ordinary. Most women, unless they themselves are extraordinary, will want to escape the grind of their monotonous lives. The appeal of dating someone who has escaped the grind or plans to is exciting.

The caveat is that you can't make this stuff up. You actually have to be interesting. Whether it is travel or a business or something novel be an extraordinary person and talk about yourself as one. If you currently feel like you are Joe Average then do something about it - not just for the sake of dating but for the sake of your enjoyment in life.

Be A Little Bit Vulnerable

You don't want to be pouring out all your pain on the first few dates but it very attractive to women to give a small insight into one's vulnerabilities. This works in conjunction with presenting yourself as more than ordinary. You don't want to portray yourself as a superhuman divorced from the reality of the rest of the masses. You have frailties like everyone does, so let her see a little bit.

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