How To Talk To Your Girlfriend's Friends

In another article I talked about the need for you to get along with your girlfriend's friends.

This time I'm going to discuss how to talk to your girlfriend's friends. And in a way that gets the job done but doesn't turn you into a pussy at the same time. Because you have to maintain your self respect.

1. Treat Your Woman With Respect

Your girlfriend's friends have to believe that you are going to treat their friend right and do the best by her. If they suspect that you have any ulterior motives then you have no chance of winning them over. This one should be easy as every badass man treats his woman with utmost respect.

2. Don't Flirt With Your Girlfriend's Friends

This one seems pretty self explanatory but flirting is something men can often do without even realizing. When a hot chick is presented in front of you it is natural to give it a bit of a go. But you have to lock that side of you down. If they think you are a flirt then they think that you will cheat.

3. Don't Be Too Friendly With Her Hot Friends

If you are seen to be more friendly to the hotter of her friends then it doesn't look good.

It makes you look like a sleaze.

Control yourself around her hot friends.

Because if you can't do it there, they won't trust you to control yourself anywhere.

So instead focus your attention on...

4. Becoming Friends With The Fat/Ugly One

Every woman has a fat and/or ugly friend. The fat friend probably doesn't normally get too much attention. So if you build a good rapport with the fat friend and really win her over she will become your biggest fan. And it looks good in front of the others if you make an effort with the friend who normally gets the least attention from men.

The fat friend is likely going to be single and lonely and will love slagging off men. Given that she may have low self esteem she can suck the energy out of anyone. If she doesn't like you she will be an emotional vampire to your woman and try and bring her down to her man hating level. So win this one over and make sure you stay in her good books.

5. Become Friends With The Guys

Insecure guys will naturally try and cock block you, especially if they sense that you are much more of a man than they are. They may have tried to go out with your woman before, and even if they haven't they are guaranteed to have thought about it. They will want to protect their friend but more importantly they will struggle with the thought of someone other than them being with her. If they couldn't get her they will wonder what you have that they don't.

If you're the new guy around then the male friends will want to show that they are the alpha. So let them be the alpha. Sit back, play it cool and get to know these guys. Don't try and out alpha them initially. First make friends with them, they will be your biggest ally. There is plenty of time to out alpha them later once they have accepted you into the clan.

6. Don't Try Too Hard To Impress

The worst thing you can do is try too hard. Or start bullshitting. Best to take the back seat in the conversation and let woman do what they love best - talk about themselves. When I first met the best mate of one of my exes she had a drunken rant to me about how her long distance relationship wasn't working. This went on for about an hour. But I sat and listened, sounded interested and asked appropriate questions. And I won the best friend over.

7. Don't Get In The Way Of Their Friendship

You might not have the best relationship with your woman's friends. But a sure fire way to make it worse is to try and stop them being friends or reduce the amount of time they spend together. Support the friendship, let it take its own course and don't get in the way.

8. Make The Effort To Invite Them Out

Everybody loves to feel wanted and everybody wants to feel included. So if you are organizing a get together or having a party invite your woman's friends. If they see you making the effort they will think that you like them. And if you show someone that you like them they are more likely to like you in return. If you treat it like a chore to hang out with your woman's friends then you might not be so lucky.

9. Show Your Woman Some Affection

I don't mean start making out in public or being clingy or disgusting. But if your woman's friends see the smile on her face when you give her a quick peck or hold her hand then they will see that you make her happy. And if they can see that then they will want you to hang around.

10. Control Your Boredom

Hanging out with your girlfriend's friends can be boring as hell. Either some of them will be boring people or they will do activities that you just can't stand. You just have to suck it up and get through it.

11. Bring Out The Best In Your Woman

Relationships change people for better or for worse. When you are with someone you never stay the same, you always grow. The question in the friend's eyes is do you make their friend grow in a positive way or do you make her go into her shell? The friends won't like you if you are a controlling, domineering influence and they see their friend changing for the worst. But if you make her laugh and smile, make her happy and bring out the best in her they will see that, and they will love you for it.

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