How To Talk To Your Girlfriend's Friends

Learning how to talk to your girlfriend's friends is crucially important.

They can be the gatekeepers to a serious relationship.

Think about it. If they like you, they are going to rave to her about how wonderful you are and this will boost her image of you.

And if they don't like you? They are going to sow the seed of doubt into her mind.

Meeting and winning over her friends is a crucial testing point, so here is how to do it right.

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how to talk to your girlfriends friends

8 Ways To Win Over Her Friends

1. Treat Your Girlfriend With The Utmost Respect

Your girlfriend's friends have to believe that you are going to treat their friend right and do the best by her. If they suspect that you have any ulterior motives then you have no chance of winning them over.

This one should be easy as a good man always treats his girl with the utmost respect.

2. Don't Flirt With Your Girlfriend's Friends

This one seems pretty self explanatory but it's something you can do without even realizing. You might even have a natural tendency to pay a bit more attention to her better looking friends.

If they think you are a flirt then they might think that you will cheat. So be careful not to show any extra attention or flattery that might be taken the wrong way.

3. Win Over The Male Friends

Insecure men who aren't on your side can be a real hinderance.

This is particularly so if they actually liked your girlfriend at some stage and have been friend zoned.

They will want to protect their friend from any man who seeks to use her but at the same time they may struggle with the thought of another man being with her.

So make a particular effort with these guys. If they are the type to try and show swagger and dominance, then let them. Sit back, play it cool, make friends and they can be your biggest ally. If they come to like and trust you then she will get their seal of approval.

4. Don't Try Too Hard To Impress

The worst thing you can do is to try too hard. It is much better to take the back seat in the conversation and let the friends hold down the fort in conversation. Be humble, show interest and be a good listener.

When I first met the best mate of one of my exes she had a drunken rant to me about how her long distance relationship wasn't working. This went on for about an hour. But I sat and listened, sounded interested and asked appropriate questions. And I won the best friend over.

5. Don't Get In The Way Of Their Friendship

Aside from hoping their friend settles down with a good man, there is one other concern that her friends will have.

They will want to know that you won't take her away from them by monopolizing all of her time.

Make sure you support your girlfriend's existing friendships, let them take their own course and don't get in the way.

The worst thing you can do is try to stop your girlfriend spending time with friends that you don't particularly like. All this will do is breed resentment in the group and make you the bad guy.

6. Make The Effort To Invite Them Out

Everybody loves to feel wanted and everybody wants to feel included. So if you are organizing a get together or having a party invite your girlfriend's friends.

If they see you making the effort they will think that you like them. And if you show someone that you like them they are more likely to like you in return.

If you treat it like a chore to hang out with your her friends then you might not be so lucky.

7. Show Your Girlfriend Some Affection

I don't mean start making out in public or being clingy or disgusting. But if your girlfriend's friends see the smile on her face when you give her a quick peck or hold her hand then they will see that you make her happy.

And if they can see that, then they will want you to hang around.

8. Bring Out The Best In Her

Relationships change people for better or for worse. When you are with someone you never stay the same, you always grow. The question in the friend's eyes is do you make their friend grow in a positive way or do you make her go into her shell?

The friends won't like you if you are a controlling, domineering influence and they see their friend changing for the worst.

But if you make her laugh and smile, make her happy and bring out the best in her they will see that, and they will love you for it.


You need to make a special effort with your girlfriend's friends at the start of a new relationship.

Whether you get along with the friends is a major testing point as to whether the relationship can move forward or not.

Get it right and your stock will rise heavily.