How To Work Hard - 4 Secrets To Smashing It

Learning how to work hard is like mastering any skill in life.

It is difficult at first to master, but once it is perfected it is not easily forgotten.

Once learned the ability to work hard will always be there and you can switch it on and off at will. The more you do it the easier it gets and if you can cultivate a habit of hard work you will have a successful and fulfilling life in every aspect.

Have Challenging Goals In Life

Goals should stretch you, but at the same time be achievable. Make sure you have goals in life.

Forget about how you are going to achieve it and focus your mind solely on the end result. Visualize the reward that comes with achieving your goal.

If you want it badly enough and are bloody minded enough to pursue it with vigor then you will find a way to work hard to achieve the goal.

If you don't work for it, then clearly you didn't want it bad enough.

In that case, have another think about what you want in life so badly that you are prepared to give blood, sweat and tears for. There's got to be something.

Cultivate The Habit Of Excellence

Habits are amazing things that most regular people understand academically but don't actually know how to apply in real life.

Everything you do in life should be done to the highest standard. If your best isn't good enough, then find a way to get better.

You should demand excellence from yourself in everything you do. When you do, then you will work extremely hard to maintain your own high standards. It's not about punishing yourself, it's about making small regular gains over a long period of time, which add up to huge changes in life and make you awesome.

If you learn the ability to create and maintain good habits then instilling the habit of hard work will be no problem. Instilling the habit of excellence will be no problem. Hard work + excellence = serious results.

Love The Process

Goals and results are important, but so is the process. Men are not designed to be lazy, we are designed to be productive.

So it doesn't actually matter what you are doing, just do something. Work hard at anything and enjoy the process of working hard.

Those who get the best results in the gym are those who love being in the gym and lifting iron. It is the same in life. If you enjoy the process you will have no trouble reaching the goal.

Hard work builds character and it makes you a man. It's easy to loathe yourself if you are lazy but you love yourself when you are productive.

It Feels Good

Working hard is just like a good workout. It hurts a bit in the short term but it feels great. You get a little bit addicted and can't live without it.

Yet when most people try and start a habit of hard work they give up very quickly. Much like someone starting a new fitness regime, as soon as it burns a bit they give up.

Stick it out through the burn, because I can assure you that hard work feels good. Once you learn to love the pain and learn to love the gain you will be so addicted to hard work that to be lazy will just feel wrong.

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