Dealing With An Insecure Girlfriend

It is highly likely, if not inevitable, that at some stage in your relationship you will have to deal with the issue of having an insecure girlfriend.

Ideally you will be in a relationship with a confident and secure woman, but that may not be the case. Even so the most confident and secure people still have bouts of insecurity from time to time. If you want to be a man that keeps the girl you have to learn to be able to deal with insecurity in your girlfriend when it arises.

Everyone has baggage so you have to be able to handle it. The worst thing you can do is escalate tensions to the point where one of you is thinking about walking away.

Instead, learn to defuse things, so that you can quickly restore harmony and move the relationship forward.

Why Women Emasculate Men: A Fascinating Biological Explanation

There is an argument that a woman's need to emasculate a man is to keep him around to raise the kids. She wants high value alpha male genes, but knows a high value man has options. So she wants to make him insecure in order that he stays with her.

12 Reasons Why Normal Girls Become Crazy

If you are dating a crqzy girl, it may be that she is a genuine crazy one. Alternatively she may be pretty normal but the relationship has made her crazy.

The Tragedy Of Realizing There Is No Perfect Girl

We all grow up dreaming that one day we will find the perfect girl. When tha myth is shattered it can be a bit of a shock. It's not about moving onto the next girl in pursuit of perfection, it's about choosing a woman a making it work.

Signs Of Insecurity In A Woman

The signs can vary but they generally include jealousy, the need to be authoritarian, the constant need for validation, belittling you and making you feel guilty.

Dealing With Insecure Women

Understanding the signs of insecurity in women is one thing, it is another to be able to deal with an insecure women and maintain a harmonious relationship.

How To Deal With A Jealous Girlfriend

If you have a jealous girlfriend you can tell her to move on because you are incompatible. Or you can work with her to overcome her issues. If you choose the latter here is how.

How To Handle Your Girlfriend's Emotional Baggage

As much as we all wish that we could find the girl with no baggage, the reality is that every girl has some baggage. You have to figure out a way to cope with it if you want to be with her for the long term.

How To Deal With A Suddenly Clingy Girlfriend

Generally if a girl starts out confident and secure and then randomly turns clingy it's because she has decided that now she really likes you. She played it cool before but now is afraid to lose you.

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