The Keys To A Successful Relationship

The keys to a successful relationship for a badass man are no different from any other man.

A lot of people may think that being badass is about doing your own thing, being free and not being locked down into a relationship with a ball and chain.

For some that may be the case. But if a loving intimate relationship with a life partner is what you want then you must go after it.

Badass men cannot neglect their emotional and spiritual sides. You must embrace them.

In my mind there are three broad keys to a successful relationship. First you need to have that spark. That intimate connection and sexual attraction. Secondly you need to be best friends. Thirdly you need to be compatible life partners and be prepared to love and grow together. Those are the three broad keys and everything else falls in underneath that.

Short relationships tend to have intimacy and sexual attraction and when that burns out the relationship dies because there is nothing left to base it on.

Medium term relationships have the intimacy and the friendship. But ultimately they are undone by differences in lifestyle or incompatibility in things like family, religion, money, raising of children. This is often why relationships fail.

Life partners cover off on all three. They begin with sexual attraction and a strong friendship keeps it going. But it is the willingness to compromise and the ability to build a shared life that is the most important of all keys to a successful relationship.

Intimate Connection And Sexual Attraction

This is not something you need to particularly work on or force. It will be there or it will not. But it is one of the keys to a successful relationship.

The spark will be evident right from the start. It will burn itself out in time and the need for friendship and comradeship will have to take over to keep the relationship alive. But even if it dies the spark needs to be there. That memory, that blissful state that can always be recovered must exist between a man and a woman.

Be Her Best Friend

This will keep the relationship moving forward when the passion dies down. You have to have shared interests and shared activities. You have to love spending time together. You have to get along with each other's friends and families.

Being best friends means you can be open and vulnerable. You can tell each other everything. She will be your most trusted sounding board and confidant.

Be Compatible Life Partners

This is the most important of all the keys to a successful relationship. It involves many facets that together make up the ability for two people to love and grow together as life partners.

Show Love And Compassion To All People

Love is something that should not just be reserved for your partner, family and friends. It is something you should openly and freely offer up to all. We attract things in life based on who we are. Pessimism attracts pessimism, optimism attracts optimism and love attracts love.

People who love freely find and nurture love. Do not be afraid to give without expectation of return. If you are a loving person it is easier to be loved.

Open Yourself Up

The more you open yourselves up to each other the deeper your connection is. You must bare your soul. All your hopes and dreams, your fears and your fantasies. She needs to see what is written in your mind and then she can truly love you for who you are.

If you hide parts of yourself away you are not being honest and you are only showing part of yourself. It requires great courage and the ability to overcome fear in order to completely open up. But it is something you should always be striving for.

A greater understanding of the other and a deeper connection.

Accept Her Failings

We all have our shortcomings. We accept them in our friends and family. We must accept them in our partner as well. This can be the hardest because we are exposed to their failings so often.

But you cannot change someone. To love them you must love them for all that they are.

Continue With Your Own Personal Development

Do not do everything together. Do not lose your identity in the relationship. You need some personal space and some time to work on your own identity and your own goals.

Give her this freedom as well. She needs time to be herself and you must not smother her.

Seek Equality

Try and avoid the power games in a relationship. A long successful relationship relies on an equal balance of power.

Be Trustworthy

Most relationship advice focuses on being trusting. But more important is to be trustworthy. If you are trustworthy then it takes away the struggle to trust because trust comes easily and naturally.

If you act in a trustworthy manner then she will as well and that is crucial for building trust in relationships.

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