What Lack Of Eye Contact Says About You

The eyes give so much away about your thoughts, feelings, stress, mood and self esteem.

A lack of eye contact suggests that you are weak and insecure, while prolonged eye contact gives the impression that you are confident and in charge.

Eye contact is one of the most powerful aspects of body language as it has the power to create a deep connection between two people.

It goes beyond body language as the connection lets you see each other's mind and soul. Without a word being said eye contact can determine social status, whether there is any hint of attraction and whether somebody should be engaged with.

If you are the type of man that has trouble holding eye contact you need to be aware what that lack of eye contact says about you, and make an effort to improve it.

The Message Eye Contact Gives

Too much direct eye contact is staring and can be seen as challenging or threatening, however it is a clear signal of confidence and who is in charge.

Conversely a lack of eye contact suggests insecurity, weakness and self consciousness. It gives the message that you are uncomfortable and can be interpreted as being that you have something to hide or in fact may even be lying.

This message of insecurity is delivered even more powerfully if you avoid eye contact but also predominantly look down, staring at your shoes.

Naturally this is not a message that you want to give.

Improving Your Levels Of Eye Contact

Becoming more confident will help you improve your eye contact. But the inverse is also true and actually much easier to do. Improving your eye contact will help improve your confidence.

Who doesn't want to improve their confidence? The problem is, confidence is such an intangible thing that it is hard to measure whether there is any improvement.

Eye contact, on the other hand, is much more tangible and you can see and measure improvements immediately. It is a great way to build confidence because you can see progression.

All you have to do is practice holding eye contact for longer. Not necessarily so long to the point where it becomes very uncomfortable or where you come across as threatening. But just a little longer than you are used to.

Holding someone's gaze will be a little unnerving at first and it will make you feel strange. You will want to look away immediately to shield yourself. But work through it and keep practicing.

This will build your confidence, which in turn will help improve your levels of eye contact. Rather than give off the weak and insecure impression you will give off the confident and secure impression.

However this isn't just a trick to give off a confident exterior while masking your inner insecurities. By improving your eye contact you will allow people to look into your soul and you will realize that actually you have nothing to hide. You will feel much more comfortable in your own skin and the increased confidence will be very real.

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