Look Good, Feel Good

We all know to dress sharply for a special occasion. And we all know it feels good to look good. Yet for most men looking good is something they save for a special occasion rather than making it a daily habit.

I was first introduced to the idea of looking good and feeling good by a friend in college. He used to always put on a nice ironed button down shirt every time he went to sit an exam. Me in my scraggy t-shirt and shorts quizzed him on why he did this.

"If you look good, you feel good," he said, "If you feel good, you will always do better in the exam."

It is such a simple concept and on the surface I'm sure many naysayers would laugh it off. But I am convinced that it works - not just for college and exams but for life.

It was further ingrained in me during my time in the military, where a sharply pressed uniform and attention to detail is very important. A good looking uniform is a sign that you are on to it, a sloppy uniform shows that you have a sloppy attitude. The message there is that if you can't get your uniform right then what else can anyone expect you to get right.

The corporate world is no different. Your power, status and attitude is all displayed by the way you dress. If you look sharp you convey the signal that you mean business, if your standard of dress lags behind it shows that you don't care.

On one hand it shouldn't matter how we dress because it is the person inside that counts. But unfortunately it is the way of the modern world. However I am not suggesting that you dress well to impress others, I am suggesting you dress well because it will give you a spring in your step and a boost in your performance. Tell yourself that you mean business.

How To Look Good, Feel Good

Learn How To Dress For The Occasion

Do you ever feel over or under dressed at events. Make sure you learn what standard of dress is appropriate before you attend any event, and just to be safe slightly over dress.

Take A Basic Interest In Fashion

I don't mean you have to keep up with the ever changing season by season trends. But learn the basics for male fashion that will never change. For example:

  • How to buy clothes that fit
  • How to choose a suit
  • How to match a tie and a shirt

Make It A Habit

Rather than dressing to impress for an occasion start getting into the habit of dressing to impress on a daily basis. That doesn't mean wearing a suit to the beach but rather taking an active interest in putting your best foot forward.

Invest In A Quality Wardrobe

Men don't want to waste money on clothes nor do they want a bulging wardrobe and one hundred pairs of shoes. This often leads to some budget and ineffectual clothes choices being made.

Every man should have a few key items in his wardrobe that will last for ten years or more. These are the kinds of things that are worth investing good money into rather than replacing every other year. I'm talking about things like a good suit, black leather shoes, a nice belt etc.

Rather than seeing clothing as a necessary but annoying expenditure start taking some pride in your wardrobe.

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