Make Dating Easy

I'm convinced that you can make dating easy if you have the right attitude. Dating should be easy because humans are naturally hardwired to try and find a mate and I believe that is one of the key reasons why I have found it easy.

It's easy for us men to get ourselves into a big spin about our failures on the dating circuit. But the reality is, we are hardwired to do it. All you have to do is get out of your own way and undo all the conditioning society has put on you.

If you want to see how easy dating should be, go and watch an animal documentary. Chances are there will be a little bit of animal sex in there.

The rest of the biological world goes about reproduction without much of a fuss. Yes, if you are the wrong type of insect you might get eaten after mating but that's all part of the ritual for that particular species.

Humans have their quirky rituals as well, but at the end of the day it's as simple as meet, check each other out and then get down to business. When you think about it like this you make dating easy.

It's a cop out to say it's more complicated than that. Life is what you make it and dating is as complicated as you make it. I guarantee you there are men out there for whom it is as simple as that - meet, assess, fuck. And I can also guarantee that they are the ones who are getting all the ladies, while those who over think sit on the sidelines.

If you are reading this, then yo good sir, are probably too much of a complex thinker getting in your own way by overcomplicating things.

When you see a woman you like, puff your chest, show your feathers and make a move. You may get rejected but there is a big pool out there and there are plenty of eligible women.

How Society Gets In Your Head

At the end of the day men are hardwired to reproduce. There is no denying it - we want to liberally spread our genes.

The idea that we have evolved beyond such base desires is absolute rubbish. Humans are sex machines and life is better when you accept that, rather than trying to convince yourself that you are somehow a superior being for taming you sexual tiger.

There are some (not all) of the more radical branches of feminism who have spread the idea that a man's sexual desires are wrong. They should be hidden and shamed. Our primal needs and desires are to be shunned.

This creates a problem in our minds as men get pulled in two directions. On one hand you want to express the fact that you are attracted to someone, yet on the other you worry about being seen as a creep or coming on too strong.

Obviously you want to avoid being a creep or being too over the top, but there is nothing wrong with healthily and respectfully demonstrating your affection for a member of the opposite sex. The problem is society has convinced you that there is something wrong with it, and so you loathe yourself both for your feelings and for not expressing them. You don't make the move and this further reinforces the idea that your sexuality should be hidden.

Make Dating Easy

Shedding the conditioning of society is simple but it requires courage. You just have to get out there and unashamedly show your desires.

See woman, approach woman, date woman, sleep with woman. Make it that easy.

The great thing about dating is that if you are confident in expressing desire, it is much more likely to be received well by a woman and thus you are more likely to be successful. This in turn gives you more confidence to express your desires in the future.

If you are too afraid to actually show someone that you like them, then your feeble self sabotaged approach is likely to be unsuccessful, further reinforcing the idea that you should stay on the other side of the room and not ever ask anyone out.

At the end of the day the best piece of advice comes from the Bloodhound Gang in the song "The Bad Touch."

"You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals, so let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel."

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