The Art Of Male Confidence

Developing strong male confidence is partly about attitude, partly about changing habits and partly about faking it until you make it.

Confidence is a big part of manliness and is key to becoming a well rounded young man who knows what he wants and is free from insecurity.

Confidence makes you feel great and it makes other people notice as well. That can be colleagues, teammates, family and especially the ladies.

You won't be able to change overnight but you can start thinking about how to develop more confidence and add some of this advice to your routine.

Be Humble

Confidence is not the same as showing off or being a pretentious douche. You can be calm, quiet and humble even if you have tremendous confidence.

You don't go around telling people you are confident or how good you are. Just go about your business and they will notice.

Sharpen Up Your Look

If you look good you will feel good. I've followed that mantra since a friend of mine suggested wearing a shirt and tie to exams in college because he swore it lifted his game.

Make sure you dress well and practice basic grooming. You don't have to go overboard but you will give yourself confidence if you know you are looking good.

Be Ambitious And Have Goals

Don't just float through life accepting whatever comes your way. Dream big, make a plan and have goals.

Having purpose and drive gives you confidence. This increases more and more as you start achieving your goals and improving your life. Others will notice your inner drive and you will stand out among the current crop of sloth like men we have these days.

Know What You Want In Life

This is a hard thing to just conjure up out of nowhere. But at least think about it. Most people won't think about it at all because they don't believe they can actually achieve what they want.

Well you can. You just have to decide upon what it is that you want. Knowing what you want allows you to do what was previously mentioned and set goals. This imbues you with incredible confidence.

Work Out

Aside from the fact that your male confidence will be boosted by the fact that you are fit, healthy and looking good there is another incredible benefit to working out.

It is the easiest way to get used to setting and achieving goals. In the gym there are no variables other than your own body and mind. Nothing else can get in the way of achieving your goals.

If you learn how to be ambitious, tenacious and how to overcome fear and doubt in the gym then you can take that confidence and apply it elsewhere.

Body Language

Develop good habits in terms of body language as this unspoken communication will say a lot to others about your confidence.

Keep your hands out of your pockets and avoid crossing your arms. Stand with a straight and erect posture. Keep your head up when walking and talking to people, look them in the eye and make sure you smile.

These are habits you can start working on today and the better you get at it the more confidence they give you.

Speak Slowly And Clearly

Speaking too fast or talking too much are signs of nervous energy. Be calm and confident by being economical with your words and when you do speak, doing slow slowly and clearly.