Man Up! Warning - What Will Happen To You If You Don't

It's not always easy to man up. It's easy to have a bit of a read but then do nothing to change your life. That's the simple option.

Changing is hard and requires significant commitment. But the rewards are there. This article isn't here to convince you of the rewards of manning up or of personal development.

It's to warn you of what's might happen to you if you don't commit and man up.

If You Don't Man Up You Will Grow Fat And Unhealthy

Being overweight is not healthy and it's not normal. There's an obesity epidemic going on but that's just because most people are lazy and have no self discipline.

Do you want to grow up fat and ugly? Look at the middle aged men around you. Some will be fit but most of them are probably slobs and carrying a lot of extra weight. Don't be like them. They were either lazy their whole life or they just got out of the fitness habit after high school and college.

Set the fitness habit in stone now and carry it through. You don't want to be an old man suffering cancer, heart attacks or respiratory problems.

Not to mention all the benefits in the ladies department if you keep yourself looking good. In these days of divorce there are a lot of foxy middle aged women that would jump all over a trim and healthy single middle aged guy.

Even married couples will have a more vigorous sex life in middle years if they are fit, healthy and looking good. I can't imagine a Peter Griffin type lasting long in the sack.

If You Don't Man Up You Won't Achieve Your Dreams

Remember all those things you wanted to be and wanted to do? All those childhood dreams.

Somewhere along the way society squashes our dreams and we end up focused purely on survival. Struggling paycheck to paycheck. People save up their dreams until that magic day they hit retirement. But by that time they are old and wrinkly.

You shouldn't have to throw your dreams away. And if you follow personal development you will learn that you don't have to. Holding onto dreams is a choice, and if you really care about making them happen then you will find a way.

The key is holding on to that thought and not letting anything take that away.

But if you walk away from here and don't consciously pursue your goals then you will float through life and those dreams will pass you by. The choice is yours.

If You Don't Man Up You Will Stay Stuck In A Rut

Personal development gives you conscious control of your life. You decide what you want and you make it happen.

Without it you get stuck, bogged down and constricted. You live for somebody else i.e. your boss. They suck most of your time, almost all your energy and the entire will to live a free and purposeful life.

How many people do you know who wake up everyday and do the same old thing just for the sake of it? They hate the routine but they just do it anyway. They think there is no other way. A common phrase out of these people's mouth is, "That's just life," or "That's just the way it is."

No! That isn't the way it is. And there is no such thing as "just life." Life is what you want it to be, what you make it.

But if you forget that you will wind up at 65 having wasted your entire life working for somebody else's dreams and making somebody else rich off the sweat of your brow.

So just sit down and think about the future for a while. The decision and actions you take now are going affect the person you are and the life you have way down the track. So make the right calls now. Commit to personal development and become badass.

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