Manly Behavior, Traits and Qualities That Never Go Out Of Fashion

Many people look back to the "good old days" of manly behavior in the early part of the 20th century and lament what has happened to the modern man.

I like to look to the indigenous people of the entirety of human history and lament what has happened to the modern man.

There are traits that men have always had and that this generation need to maintain. This manly behavior never goes out of fashion.

Providing For His Family

A man takes care of people. His wife and children, his extended family and anybody else in need. A man is not selfish. He knows that his hard labor is not for his benefit alone. It is for all of those close to him. He does not shirk away from his duties. He embraces the opportunity to provide for others.

Treating People With Respect

A man treats others with the utmost and respect. Their culture, their background and their purpose in life. He honors the masculinity of other men. He allows others to hold their views, whether he disagrees with them or not.

Standing Up For What Is Right

When a situation calls for moral courage a man will always step up. He will not turn his back on what is right or turn a blind eye to wrongdoing. When there is a challenge he will meet it.

Looking Good

Looking good is one of the most overlooked manly qualities.

Men should take pride in their appearance.

It is not feminine to ensure you look good as many modern man would have you believe as they wander around like slobs.

Taking pride in your apperance shows respect for yourself and the people you keep company with.

Adoring Women

A man loves the fairer sex. He delights in the female form, enjoys spending time with his woman and treats her like an angel. Yet a man should never let a woman's sexual power get the better of him.

I wrote an article called "Take Women Off The Pedastal". This does not mean men should treat women with anything other than total respect. What it means is that a woman's sexual allure and the need for physical touch should never bring a man to his knees and turn him into a whimpering boy and make him forget his manly ways.

Accepting That He Doesn't Know Everything

A man should know a lot. But he will never know everything. And he should accept that. People who think they know everything and offer up garbage opinions in conversations on things they are uneducated on are irritating and don't know how to be manly. A genuine man respects the knowledge of other men.

Being Humble

Humility does not mean a man should not be great. It means he should not boast of his greatness. He should not try and overshadow others with his achievements. Those who need to notice will notice.

Making Decisions

A man should be decisive. He should not be afraid to make a decision and follow it through. Uncertainty and doubt do not get the better of a man.

Accepting Failure

Failing is appropriate manly behavior. Not everything that a man turns his hand to will succeed. And he accepts that. By failing he learns and by learning he is more likely to succeed next time. Daring men will fail. Weak men never display the manly behavior required to step outside of their comfort zone and never give themselves the chance to fail.

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