Develop Manly Character

Manliness and manly character traits are becoming forgotten qualities in the modern world. It's not easy to be a real man in a society that encourages us to be meek and soft.

But a real man does the right thing, not the easy thing. So despite the toughness of the task you need to step up. You must learn what it takes to be a man because nobody has probably taught you. It isn't about how many woman you can take to bed or how much you can bench press.

It's about whether you can be a provider and take care of your loved ones. It's when you are taking charge and helping others rather than being a leech. The essence of a man is his ability to provide and be a leader.

When it comes to relationships you will have more success keeping your girl if she discovers that you are a man with values and character rather than a softy who doesn't know who he is or what he stands for.

The Confident Man

The Confident Man Program

This book has four sections: the confident man mindset, mastering your emotions, attracting women and life skills and experiences.

It will help you overcome your insecurities, build confidence and self esteem and inform you of what it means to be a man.

This is particularly useful if you feel like you missed out on "manliness training" growing up and want to take steps to rectify that now.



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