Why You Need A Girlfriend And Shouldn't Be Playing The Field

Do you need a girlfriend to settle down, grow up and become a man?

There are many good reasons why you should stay single as a young man in the modern era.

However I'm going to put an argument to you that you should find a girlfriend and settle down earlier rather than later.

Do your own thing of course. But just think about it.

The Downsides of Playing The Field

Media stereotypes suggest that men in their late teens, twenties and early thirties should avoid serious relationships in favor of one night stands, casual flings or short term relationships.

The idea that you might find the woman of your dreams and settle down early is laughed at, and suggested that it is only for horny religious virgins or people who fall too quickly for the first woman that comes along.

However there are major downsides to spending your youth chasing tail and major upsides being settled and stable.

It may appear cool to have several girls on the go, constantly texting, dating and fucking. But seriously, trying to manage that is extremely stressful.

If you do have the ability to bed girls at will then the novelty will have already worn off and you should be looking for love. If you don't have the ability to bed girls at will but think one day you will unlock the skills, then you are just chasing a dream and should give up. Go and find a nice girl and settle down.

You have to go through the rigmarole of frequenting night clubs, buying drinks and cab fares only to try and realistically get your dick wet once every little while. Even when you do get lucky it will be terrible sex with a drunk girl with bad breath, and you either can't get it up or can't cum because you have had a few too many beers.

Then there is all the time and money spent going out to dinner, going to movies, going bowling and all the nights spent lonely and in front the computer surfing porn.

The Benefits Of Settling Down Early

Our modern male culture is obsessed with perpetually staying in this van Wilder zone. But we should wise up earlier, find our masculinity and that includes finding a woman to settle down with.

Settling down in your twenties is not just for the trigger happy. If you find the woman of your dreams why would you pass her by just to fulfill a playboy stereotype for a few more years. Get a ring on her finger.

Think about it. By the time you reach your thirties, many of the good women have been snapped up and the ones left are just depressed that they don't have the sex appeal that they once had.

Once you are settled you can direct your focus to more productive things like your career, or even better starting a business. When you are single you tend to just float through life with less direction. Once you have a life partner you can start setting some awesome goals and working together to achieve them.

These might be travel goals, home building goals or lifestyle goals. Two heads really are better than one when it comes to this. You will have twice the motivation and don't need to worry that you are going to start something and then have someone come along who is going to want to go in a totally different direction.

Having a girlfriend will actually save you in the pocket, as you can split the cost of rent, utilities and food. This puts you in a better position to make investments in your twenties, which will put you in much better financial shape down the line.

The other key benefit is that a serious girlfriend will make you more mature right across the board. It takes a large degree of patience and tolerance to be in a serious relationship. If you learn those skills early they will rub off in other areas of your life.

You Don't Need A Girlfriend To Be Happy, But Don't Reject One Because You Are Too Cool

I'm not saying that a relationship is the key to happiness and that without one you will wallow in sorry until she arrives. What I'm saying is that you shouldn't subconsciously drive potential life partners away because you are obsessed with banging 100 women before you are twenty five.

Open yourself up to the idea of settling down early, intend it, and she will emerge. Close yourself off in your twenties and the time will fly by, before you know it you are mid thirties and have never had a serious relationship.

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