Overcoming Low Self Esteem By Not Taking The World So Seriously

I take myself too seriously most of the time. I have grand dreams of how I want to change the world and I find it hard to unplug. It brings me down.

Overcoming low self esteem is something that I have been challenged with in the past and I have found that one of the key methods is to stop taking myself and life too seriously.

My problem is consciously practicing it on a regular basis.

I struggle to relax. I try having a bath, getting a massage or listening to music but it doesn't help. The reason is that I am restless because I feel like there is always something that needs to be done. I cannot get back to that blissfully ignorant child like setting where you can tune out the world and nothing matters.

My partner tells me that I act like Atlas, as if I'm carrying the world on my shoulders. But why should I be? It's not my responsibility.

I shouldn't take myself so seriously and be an Atlas martyr. I know this in my mind but I haven't yet got there in practice. I'm getting better at it but there is still some work to do.

However when I do get in the zone I feel light and free and it does wonders for my self esteem. Here is what I have found to work best for overcoming low self esteem and unplugging.

Take A Proper Holiday

If part of your issue is overwork, and it is for me, then you need a holiday where you are fully disconnected from the world. Not disconnected from people but disconnected from your phone and your computer. Take a holiday in the mountains or at the beach for a week and reflect on your successes.

Let Go Of Responsibility For Changing The World

We all should do what we can to change the world, this is what Gandhi taught after all. But you cannot stress that the outcome is not what you desired. You cannot stress if your efforts seem to come to nothing.

I read a good quote the other day that put my mind at ease. It said "you can only do what you can do, you don't know where the chips are going to fall."

Love Life As It Is Not How It Should Be

You have to accept who you are and accept what you have. It doesn't mean you cannot strive for change but you shouldn't get depressed about lack, instead you should be grateful for what you do have. When I stop to think about how amazing my life is rather than mentally complaining all the time I get a real boost.

Do What You Would Do If Life Were Perfect

I often imagine what I would be doing if the world were perfect and I didn't feel the need to change it. If I was rich and with all the self esteem in the world. What would I do?

At the end of the day I would spend quality time with friends and family, I would play sport and exercise, I would eat good food, travel and I would read for pleasure. So I do those things anyway.

You don't have to wait to overcome low self esteem before you do what you love. Do what you love and you will stop taking yourself so seriously.

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