Overcoming Self Consciousness With Women

When it comes to overcoming self consciousness with women and dating it helps to take a bigger picture view. Part of the issue may be that you are self conscious but the broader issue may be that you are afraid to be yourself and care too much what other people think.

If this is the case with women, it is likely that this will also be the case in other areas of your life. In general, people really don't care as much as you think they do.

Are you walking around all day on the hunt for other people's failures? Of course not, and neither are others. People are so caught up in their own worlds that they have very little time or energy to think about your failings.

You will never please everyone, in life or in dating. Just be yourself when talking to women. Maybe she will like you, maybe she won't. This isn't a fault of yours if she doesn't, it just means the two of you aren't suited for each other.

Women aren't looking for perfectionism. In fact it is actually better to show that you have vulnerabilities and flaws than to try and portray yourself as the flawless hero. One of the best ways to overcome self consciousness is to be unashamed about your weaknesses.

People won't objectively judge your weaknesses, they will react to them in the way you portray them. If you own them, they won't care. If you are insecure about them, then they are more likely to be received negatively.

It helps not to be too analytical. If you are an analytical person then you are forever judging your own actions and trying to interpret how people are responding to. You need to switch that part of your brain off. Be yourself and don't be afraid to be yourself. Other people will think whatever they think and you need to be cool with that. When it comes to dating this is actually a good thing. You will weed out unsuitable women by turning away those that are incompatible.

In terms of dealing with self consciousness while you are actually out on a date don't sweat it. She will be just as nervous, if not more nervous than you. She will be more worried about herself and what she is saying than judging you. Be at ease and be yourself. Then you will put her at ease because she won't feel like she is being judged.

One of the best way to overcome self consciousness with women is to take them off the pedastal. Why do you glorify them so much that you care what they think? Who cares. Go out, be yourself, have a good time and what will happen will happen - or not. No big deal, you have no one to please except yourself.

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