What Is Paruresis?

Paruresis is also known as shy bladder syndrome and is the inability to urinate either in front of other people or in public.

There are varying degrees of shy bladder syndrome.

Some may be able to urinate in a public cubicle but not in a urinal.

Others with an extreme case may only be able to urinate in their own home.

Some may be able to start if nobody is in the room but will cut there flow off once someone walks in. Others may just not be able to start but once they are started they can piss happily even when disturbed.

The extent to which it effects your life depends on the severity. If you can piss in a cabin but not the urinal then the effect is limited. As long as you can find a cabin when you are out you will be fine and only occasionally run into problems, such as at a sports stadium when there are many people queuing for a small number of toilets. Those who have a severe case, and for example can only urinate at home, have their lives affected in a major way because their whole life must be planned around their paruresis and toilet visits.

Shy bladder is a very common condition although it is not all that widely known. The International Paruresis Association estimates that 7% of the population may suffer from paruresis. This is a large number of people for a condition that is not well known. However given that we all need to urinate it is not surprising that there are so many people.

I definitely think the reason it is not well known is that people are afraid to admit to it. They feel that there is something wrong with them. However the only reason is because non-paruretics have never given pause to think about the condition and develop empathy for the sufferer.

We all know some people are scared of public speaking and clam up in front of a crowd. We don't hold it against them. Yet the non-paruretic probably doesn't know that anybody has any trouble urinating in public because they have never considered the possibility. Hence the paruretic is scared someone might found out in case they will judge them.

Paruresis Is Paruresis is also known as shy bladder syndrome. It is an inability to urinate in public or in front of other people. It can be quite crippling but it is something that can be overcome.A Psychological Rather Than A Physical Condition

Shy bladder syndrome is not a condition that arises from any physical abnormality. It is entirely a psychological phenomenon.

Paruretics often have a number of factors that contribute to the condition such as bullying or self esteem issues. For others it began with a traumatic incident in the toilet, perhaps a drug test when they couldn't go or negative comments made about them when they were a child.

They imagine that people are watching or listening to them as they urinate and constantly judging their performance. The truth is that nobody cares what anybody else does in the toilet. It is only paruretics that analyze other's toilet behaviors just so they can compare to their own. The non-paruretic is blissfully unaware. However the perception of a threat is enough to make the paruretic clam up and not be able to urinate.

The good news about it being a psychological issue is that the fear of public urination can be overcome. The problem is negative imprints on the subconscious. Previous failings in the toilet cause you to fear that you will fail in the future. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy causing you to fail again, further reinforcing the idea that you cannot urinate in public toilets.

You can learn to reprogram the subconscious to expect success in public toilets. By achieving small success and building upon them you can rewire your expectations so that you always expect to successfully urinate and then you do.

I Have Overcome Mild Paruresis

I used to have a small degree of shy bladder. I could always urinate in a cabin but only sometimes at the urinal. if there were individual urinal partitions, if I had my back to anybody else in the room, or if we were far enough apart I was generally ok. But if the restroom was crowded, if there was a queue if I was right next to someone else I would generally fail.

The only exception was when I was drunk and I could piss anywhere. This demonstrated to me that it was a psychological problem because when I was intoxicated all my fear of judgement disappeared.

The worst experience I ever had was on an overnight bus trip in India. With no toilet on the bus it would stop every few hours at a public restroom so people could relieve themselves. However once it didn't stop at the restroom but on the side of the road. With no cover or privacy whatsoever I was forced to try and urinate on the side of the road in the company of thirty or so other men. Anybody who has travelled to India knows that if you are European locals stare at you constantly. Under pressure I couldn't go and had to get back on the bumpy bus with a full bladder for another few hours until the next stop.

Nobody thinks you are less of a man if you admit to having a shy bladder. We shouldn't all be insecure over anything to do with the penis. I want to help those who suffer from this condition to overcome and this is why I am sharing this information with you.

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