Use Prolonged Eye Contact To Flirt And Dominate Any Social Situation

Body language says so much about us. Prolonged eye contact is the key to this.

You can dominate a group of people with your body language and eye contact alone.

The eyes give away everything about a person. You cannot hide when somebody looks into your eyes.

It's like they are staring straight into your mind.

If you are nervous and weak people can tell. Likewise if you are strong and powerful others will notice.

A badass man stands straight and tall and uses prolonged eye contact to take in his surroundings and assess the other people in the area. He isn't twitching or fidgeting with his eyes flitting all over the place. He is calm and in control and the slow movement of his eyes reflects this.

Prolonged Eye Contact As A Show Of Force Between Males

Animal species have ways of proving who is the alpha male. Humans have more subtlety but on one hand we are no different. We don't bash antlers or swing clubs, but one way we determine masculine superiority is with nothing else but a gaze.

Think about it. This has been occurring all your life. Two men stare at each other and the one who breaks the gaze is the weaker. The man who forces the other to look away is the stronger.

It's not a sign of physical strength, it is a sign of who has the stronger personality and who carries themselves with more bravado and who is dominant within that social situation.

It is very intimidating to try and stare down someone who is more manly than you. But nothing is easier than staring down someone who you know is inferior.

You can improve your sense of masculinity by consciously holding your gaze with other men. See if you can avoid looking away immediately, hold the gaze and try to get them to look away.

Flirting Eye Contact With Women

Women love masculine men. It sounds like stating the obvious but since there are so many boyish men these days it is worth saying. They want you to take charge and sweep them off their feet. One of the key ways you exude your masculinity is by maintaining good eye contact with women.

Nothing says to a woman that you are weak more than when you make eye contact and break it straight away or the avoidance of eye contact in general. They can tell you have no self-respect and are a total wuss.

Flirting and eye contact go hand in hand. You can flirt with a woman from across the room just by looking at her. Force her to look away, and when she looks back meet her gaze again.

The Difference Between Staring And Prolonged Eye Contact

A gaze is where you look in a general direction. A stare is when you look directly at a point. When you look make sure you gaze, but don't stare. Prolonged eye contact is not staring, it is just holding contact longer than usual and forcing the other person to look away. Don't stare at people because it is rude and unclassy.

If someone refuses to make eye contact then look away. Don't stare them down. And if someone more manly than you isn't looking away then you might want to break the gaze. If you keep looking they might break your nose.

There is an excellent resource available "Make Eye Contact - Your Eyes Speak Volumes" available that helps you develop the confidence to look people in the eye without fear or shyness. It is something worth checking out.

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