7 Reasons Not To Go To College

While I went to college and think there are great reasons to go there are compelling reasons not to go to college as well.

It's not for everyone.

If you choose to go you need to do so with a full appreciation of what you are getting yourself into.

Particularly in this economy where jobs are not easy to come by and you want to avoid debt.

1. A College Degree Is Not An Investment

You will come across statistics that say how much more a college graduate earns over their lifetime than a high school grad.

Don't pay these statistics any notice.

First of all I wouldn't believe them because they are peddled by the colleges to try and increase bums on seats.

Second badasses are not statistics.

You don't need a college degree to earn money. You need to start a business. Just because most people will earn less doesn't mean you will be one of them.

Don't think of college as an investment for more money further down the track. If that is the only reason you are going stop. Do it for the love not because of an economic decision. This is one of the most powerful reasons not to go to college.

2. You Don't Necessarily Get A Better Job

People think that a college degree means you will get a better job. It might. But these days it also might not. Nothing is guaranteed. Go in with your eyes wide open and don't fall prey to any false illusions. There are plenty of college grads that work as waiters.

My advice anyway is don't get a job, start a business.

3. It's Not Even A Ticket To A Job At All

A degree does not even guarantee you a job at all if you don't have the right skills. Even if you are applying for that waiter's job they won't employ you because of your degree. It'll be because you're not half useless and you have the ability to show up on time. There are plenty of dropkicks with degrees that cannot get or maintain any kind of employment.

Being on this site means you are obviously not a dropkick. But just don't think that a degree is going to guarantee you anything in life.

4. It Cripples You Financially

College is so expensive. You could easily invest that money with a four year headstart. Then there is the opportunity cost of not earning decent money while you are at college.

The theory that you earn more in the long run is all well and good but it will break you in the short term. The interest piles up quickly and can trap you for decades.

5. You Don't Need College To Learn

College does not have a monopoly on learning. If you want to learn something you can do it with a library card and an internet connection.

Practical skills that will earn you money are not always best learnt at college.

6. When Everyone Has A College Degree They Lose Their Value

When you think about the reasons not to go to college this one is counter intuitive. You go to college to make yourself stand out right?

A few decades ago when degrees were rarer they meant a lot more. Now that everyone has one they don't make you stand out from the crowd. If you aren't going to stand out with one and you aren't going to stand out without one then you might as well save yourself the time and money.

7. It Keeps You Dependant

I went to college. However one of the things I have noticed on reflection is that my friends who didn't go to college have a more advanced sense of adulthood than those who did, both male and female but especially male.

College keeps you dependant on your parents for several more years. Then it keeps you enslaved to the government though debt. If you don't go to college you can start making your independant way through life a lot sooner and this can only be beneficial in the long run.

The reasons not to go to college are many, but don't let it necessarily put you off. There are good reasons to go to college as well.

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