8 Reasons To Go To College

The reasons to go to college are more for the experience and what you gain as a person rather than any tangible benefits.

There are in fact many significant disadvantages from going to college.

However on balance, while it's not for everyone, I would recommend going.

1. Become A Rounded Person

College changes you as a person for the better. You become more grounded and more rounded. You aren't just learning knowledge, you are gaining practical skills, social skills, time management skills and organizational skills. You are being exposed to a diverse range of people from a variety of cultures, ethnicities, religions and backgrounds. You get pushed out of your comfort zone and you grow as a person.

2. Gain Specialist Qualifications

A college degree is not necessary to get a good job. But if you have a specific specialist field you want to go down then the qualifications you need are very stringent.

If you want to be a lawyer, doctor, pharmacist, teacher etc then you need a college degree and then some. The reasons to go to college become obvious.

3. Nuture Your Interests

College gives you the ability to mix the things you love with the things that are going to help you in employment or business. Things like languages and art history can be studied alongside science or commerce if that is what you want to do.

4. Acquire Knowledge or Skills

Universities do not exist for the purpose of making it easy for you to get a job. They are houses of knowledge that exist so that the next generation can absorb everything that we know. They are there to break new ground and pass along what we already know. Because if they didn't that knowledge would be lost.

If you have a strong desire to learn about something or to pick up a particular skill then college is the place you can nuture that need.

5. Expand Your Mind

College opens your mind both by the learning and the experiences. By exposing you to knowledge and ideas you might not otherwise come across it gives your mind the ability to grow and expand.

It is a hub where you can learn from the greatest philosophers, historians, economists, scientists and theologians to have ever graced this planet.

6. The People You Meet

Lifelong friendships are made in college. Lifelong relationships are formed. The people you meet and the times you have with them in college you can't get anywhere else. You will never forget the people that you share a dorm with, drink with and party with.

Not to mention all the women.

7. The Experiences You Have

The parties, the sports, the hangovers, the women, the road trips, spring break.

College experiences can only be had in college and they will be some of the best times of your life.

8. The Lifestyle You Lead

At college you are your own boss. Class is optional so you set the schedule. If you want to ditch class to study you can. If you want to ditch class to drink you can.

You answer to no one. You are the boss. The lifestyle is so liberating after high school and if you ever get a job after you will feel like dying. But live it up while you can and live a life of freedom. It is one of the key reasons to go to college. You learn a lot of skills from being your own boss.

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