Relationship Advice For Men

The best relationship advice for men is to be humble yet confident. Get to know yourself deeply and your partner deeply too.

There is no panacea and no quick fix.

But with a bit of committment to improving yourself as man you will see positive changes in your relationships. It just takes a committment to work on yourself and work on the relationship in the same way you work in the gym, on your studies or in your career.

Improving your relationship by improving yourself as a man also has the key benefit of positive results spilling over into all other areas of your life.

Should You Move In Together? 13 Ways A Man Can Know

There is no formula for deciding when the right moment is. But there are some crucial questions you should ask yourself before you decide whether it is the right thing to do.

How To Measure Love: One Simple And Effective Method

If you can measure something, you can improve it. I measure love by recording and tracking things I do to contribute to the relationship specifically the one thoughtful thing I do every week.

The Secret To Keeping Your Girlfriend Happy

The secret to keeping your girlfriend happy is to schedule something thoughtful for her into your week, every single week of the year.

How To Be More Humble In Your Relationship

Humility is not the absence of confidence, it is the absence of pride. Recognize her strengths, be grateful for her and be mindful and observant.

23 Reasons Why Relationships Fail

There are many reasons why relationships might fail but primarily it is because of deep underlying issues or bad habits. Both can be fixed if the problem can be identified.

How A Relationship Crisis Is A Chance For Positive Change

A crisis doesn't need to mean the end. Sometimes we get into bad habits over time and it builds up and then blows up. You can use the crisis as a chance to reset and start again on a better note.

The Importance Of Humility In Relationships

Humility means you open to your shortcomings and willing to grow in the relationship. If you are arrogant, proud and think you know it all already you just come across as a jerk.

Why Personal Development In Relationships Is So Important

As Jim Rohn says, the greatest gift you can give in your relationships is your own personal development. That way you are alwys making a positive contribution rather than using it as a crutch.

Why You Need A Girlfriend And Shouldn't Be Playing The Field

There are many benefits to settling down and avoiding the trap of being a perenial dater. Getting your relationship sorted allows you to focus on other areas of life.

Should A Man Be In A Monogamous Relationship?

It is not any more natural for a man to be monogamous than it is to be polyamorous or promiscuous. All exist in nature and you can decide which suits you. However monogamy is more socially acceptable.

The Keys To A Successful Relationship

The three keys to a successful relationship are having that sexual spark, being best friends and most importantly you must be compatible life partners prepared to love and grow together.

How To Be A Better Man In A Relationship

There are two components to being a better man for your girl. Be a man that meets her needs but also develop yourself into the type of man that you want to be and that she will adore.

15 Easy Ways To Overcome Relationship Stress

Learn how to diffuse tension within the relationship as well as how to prevent outside stress coming in and impacting the two of you.

How Women Think In Relationships

Don't make the mistake of assuming women think in a similar fashion to you. They in a completely different way. It's not illogical, it's just different. Take the time to understand it and it will do wonders for you.

Nine Qualities To Look For In A Woman

Consider these traits when you start a relationship or when you are trying to determine whether this is the right woman for you.

Why Your Girlfriend Is Good Enough

Rough patches are inevitable in relationships. Just because things get difficult doesn't mean she isn't right for you. You need to be able to push through those periods to find real love.

Chemistry In Relationships Is Not Enough

Chemistry is incredibly important, but it alone is not enough of a foundation to build a quality relationship on. You must have compatibility as well.

Relationship Warning Signs: 7 Reasons It Might Be Going Wrong

Your rose tinted glasses might be clouding your vision. If you are unsure then consider these seven factors and take a sober look to see if any of them apply to your relationship.

9 Relationship Habits That Should Be Major Red Flags

Don't accept bad habits as normal just because you have become used to them. Check this list to see if you relationship is displaying any major red flags.

8 Worrying Signs You And Your Girlfriend Are Growing Apart

Sometimes you don't notice that your relationship hsa been growing apart until it is too late. If you see any of the signs on this list, take action to turn your relationship around.

Your Girlfriend's Friends - You Have To Get Along With Them

Whether you like them or not you have to live with your girlfriend's friends. They can be your worst enemy but also your best ally. But you need to be able to co exist.

Alpha Male Traits In Relationships

Everyone talks about what alpha males are supposed to be like during dating. But what are the alpha male characteristics in relationships?

Overcoming Selfishness In Relationships

Learning how to overcome selfishness is a way to strengthen and deepen your relationship. It requires a bit of courage on your part and the ability to deal with fear of losing control. The reward is a true partnership.

How To Make Time For Your Relationship

It's not easy to find time for things in your busy life. It's very easy to put off spending quality time with your girlfriend because of all the other urgent things in your life. This tip from President Eisenhower will help you find the time.

How To Treat Your Girl Right

What you give to the world you get back. This is a basic rule in relationships as well. Treat your girl right and it will come back to you in abundance.

How To Talk To Your Girlfriend's Friends

You don't want to suck up to your girlfriend's friends or bend over backwards to make them like you. But some simple tips can help you make a good impression and win them over.

Independence In Relationships

Keep a healthy separation with your significant other and don't pretend that you are supposed to surrender yourself to become one being.

How To Avoid Relationship Addiction

Relationship addiction develops when you feel trapped and unable to leave. You need to recognize the signs of this before you can make any changes.

Dealing With Destructive Relationships

Toxic relationships are something people who pursue self growth often find themselves dealing with. A problem can occur when you start breaking down your own barriers and begin ascending to undiscovered heights in your personal growth.

What To Do When Your Girlfriend Wants Space

When your girlfriend or wife wants space how you react to this news will have a big impact on the future chances of the relationship. Let her go and don't be clingy.

Giving Your Girlfriend Space

If you have identified the need to give your girlfriend or wife some space, this is how to actually do it and mentally stick with it, so you don't go running after her.

Love Is Hard Work

When the roses tinted glasses fade and the hard work begins you have to be up for it. The reality is that love is hard work, but hard work always has its rewards.

How To Apologize To Your Girlfriend

Make sure that you know when to apologize, but not to do it so often that you become weak and grovelling. If you do apologize, make it sincere and to the point, then move on without dwelling on it.

Long Distance Relationship Advice

Don't let the relationship stagnate by merely trying to maintain it over distance. Continue to grow the relationship despite the distance. This is harder but it will ensure the relationship survives. If it stagnates it will die.

Defending Your Relationship

How to defend your relationship from criticism from family and friends. A frustrating experience but something that has to be done sometimes.

How To Get Along With Your Mom

The relationship you have with your mother will have a major impact on your relationships with other women. So make sure you're on good terms with Mom and it will help immensely with your love life.

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