Signs You Are Suffering From Serious Relationship Insecurity

The symptoms of relationship insecurity are no great mystery.

It should be reasonably obvious when you feeling them.

Basically you are not content with how things are going in the relationship and it causes a welling up of severe negative emotions.

The negative emotions won't pass but they linger and you start to really get inside your own head.

But sometimes it can be hard to tell when you are just having a general down moment or when you are experiencing some serious insecurity.

Sometimes the negativity clouds your vision to the point where you aren't sure if you are having a meltdown or if someone just needs to slap some sense into you.

If you are just having a minor dip then things will eventually come right naturally. But if you are having a major permanent insecurity problem it can take a bit more effort to pull yourself out of it.

These are the major signs you are suffering relationship insecurity. Try and slap some sense into yourself if it's a temporary low, otherwise you might need to look at overcoming a long term challenge.

Obsessive Or Paranoid Thoughts

Will your brain not shut off? Are you obsessing minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day? Is this affecting your eating and sleeping habits?

Obsessive and paranoid thoughts are not pleasant and it seems like no matter how hard you try and think about something else the problems you are having in your relationship just don't seem to go away.


Has your girlfriend done something to cause you to be jealous? Perhaps she has spoken to her ex, gone out with male friends or hasn't been returning your calls.

If you are feeling slighted by her behavior, fearful that she doesn't love you and are uncomfortable with her spending time with other people then you have a jealousy issue.

If this is a once off occurrence because of some specific behavior then don't worry. But if this is a recurring issue and you feel jealous regardless of what she does or doesn't do then there is a bigger problem.

You Are Scared Of Her Cheating

Do you irrationally fear that she is cheating even when there is no evidence that it has taken place?

No matter how much she reassures you that all is well in the relationship you cannot but assume that she must be seeing someone else on the side.

If you harbor this irrational feeling it is not because of anything she has done, it is a self esteem issue that you have. You cannot possibly believe that someone would love and care for you.

You Are Scared Of Her Leaving

Do you feel that you cannot possibly make your girlfriend happy? Do you think that it is only a matter of time before she notices that the grass is greener with someone else and abandons you for fresh pasture?

Has she reassured you that she is happy in the relationship, but nothing she says can convince you that she really does love you and intend to be with you?

This is a sign of very low self esteem to the point where you eventually push her away.

You Feel You Can't Live Without Her

As romantic as it sounds to tell someone you can't live without them, the reality is that we can all live without our partners.

It would hurt for a while, perhaps a long while, but life would go on. It's not a nice feeling to think about but we know ultimately that we would come out the other side and be okay.

If you feel so dependent that you really feel deep in your gut that you cannot live without her, then this is a sign of serious relationship insecurity. It's not romantic, it's claustrophobic and you need to have a good hard look at yourself and the relationship from as close to an objective standpoint as you can.

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