7 Products That Will Improve Your Relationship

Money doesn't buy marital happiness.

In the long run only time, effort and a willingness to work it out can do that.

However there are certain relationship products that can work as an aid to your time, effort and willingness.

They can't do it all for you, but they can be a useful tool to help you out.

relationship products

1. A Couples Massage Course

Learning how to give each other a good massage is one of the best investments you can make in your relationship.

It covers two of the five languages - physical touch and quality time. You could even argue it covers off gift giving as well.

A massage is sensual and intimate and is a chance for the two of you to unwind from your day and spend time together.

2. A Vibrating Alarm Clock

Mismatched sleep schedules are a key cause of relationship problems. When one partner goes to bed late and the other likes to get up early, it causes disruptions which naturally have an effect on marital happiness.

The long term solution to this is discussion and compromise.

But one product that can make life slightly easier is a vibrating alarm clock.

Whichever one of you is the morning person can get up without disturbing the other.

3. Conversation Cards

Through the course of a relationship every conversation helps you to get to know the other.

But if you want to prepare for marriage, or deepen your relationship, you need to probe a little further.

A set of conversation cards can provide a good prop to get the conversation flowing and help you on your journey to a greater connection.

4. A Siamese Slanket

This one is a bit cheesy but very practical.

If you love snuggling on the couch together you can't go past a couples blanket with sleeves.

Perfect for a romantic night in.

5. The Five Love Languages

This groundbreaking book introduced to the masses the concept of love languages. It is the idea that we each naturally give and receive love in one of five different ways.

In order to best show your partner that you love her, you shouldn't use your love language, you need to learn how to use hers.

This is a great book for couples to read together because it is short, informative and has the power to make a massive difference in your relationship.

Even if you don't get the book, you should definately try the free quiz.

6. The Heal Your Marriage Pack

Sometimes relationships take a turn for the worst, things get hard and suddenly you are on the rocks.

However with a bit of persistence, a lot of patience and mutual committment you can get things back on track.

Even if you aren't married, this self hypnosis pack is a great thing to explore if you find yourself in a bit of a trouble spot.

It will help you to work on yourself, so you can bring a better self to the table in your relationship.

7. The LoveBook Activity Book

This is not too dissimilar to the cards in that it is a fun and accesible way to engage in activities that help you learn about each other.

The LoveBook Activity Book is a great date activity for a quiet night in, which will allow you to grow closer to your partner.


These relationship products assist you in building upon your relationship bond.

They can't replace the hard work of love, but they can sure give you a helping hand.