How To Plan A Romantic Evening At Home

Having a romantic evening at home or an "at home date" is cheap and flexible. You can be innovative and creative and something much better than the plain old dinner and a movie.

The point is to show that you have thought about your girlfriend and taken the time to plan a nice evening for her.

Time and effort spent on her shows her that you care and this is the way to a girl's heart. The fun you get to have on your home date is a bonus.

Another benefit of consciously making time for romance at home is that it reminds you that home is a space where you can be intimate and romantic. Often the demands of day to day life and the tendency to go out for dates means you end up associating romance with going out once or twice a month.

Keeping the spark close to home so you associate the space with romance is very beneficial.

Spruce The Place Up

The first thing you need to do in preparation for a romantic evening at home is clean up.

It should go without saying but unfortunately some guys let themselves down in this department. If your girlfriend is a clean freak and you are not, then go the extra mile by making a big effort in this regard.

The second thing to think about is lighting. Can you create mood lighting with what you have got? One option is to cut out electric light altogether and have a romantic evening by candlelight.

Plan A Nice Meal

It can be fun to cook together and if that is part of your date night plan then feel free to go with an elaborate multi course meal.

However if you are not planning to cook together then make sure whatever you prepare does not require too much effort in the preparation. Spending too much time in the kitchen will take you away from the attention you should be paying to your girlfriend.

Either prepare the meal in advance, get takeout or make something that is quick and easy.

Nibbles and finger food is a great idea because it can be prepared in advance and is a fun thing to share on a home date. Just make sure it's substantial enough.

Dessert? This the easier one to manage as a nice dessert can be prepared a day in advance and kept in the refrigerator overnight.

Send A Text To Create Anticipation

Unless it's a surprise - in which case don't give it away - send a cheeky mid afternoon text to let your girl know that you are looking forward to the evening together.

It lets her know that you are thinking about her during the day and builds anticipation for the evening's events.

Dress To Impress

Just because you are at home doesn't mean you have to dress like you aren't going out.

This is totally optional of course, but it can be fun to suit up and have your girl put on a dress. It's about signaling that this is no ordinary evening and can actually be a lot of fun.

Being so formal at home may feel weird but you will enjoy the novelty.

Fun Things To Do

Spend some time thinking and planning this one out. Avoid the boring cliche of dinner and a movie. That is a lazy man's date. Not only because it requires little thought and care but also because watching a movie is so passive.

The best dates are ones that are engaging, fun and stimulate conversation. So think of activities that cater to that. Here are some ideas.

Eat and Drink

Particularly if you have cooked together, sometimes the meal alone is the focal point of the date. If this is your plan jazz things up a bit with a candlelit dinner or move the meal to a different location. Eat outdoors or lay a picnic blanket on the living room floor. Share a nice bottle of wine or better yet, make cocktails.

Play A Board Game

Board games are fun and bring out the competitive streak. You can play a long strategic game like Risk if that is what you both are into or something quicker and less intense like Connect Four.

Play Video Games

Not something you would plan unless you know your girlfriend is a bit of a gaming nerd. Again something that brings out the competitive streak, playing car racing games or sports games can be a lot of fun. Alternatively a two player mission game can be a fun joint exercise.


If you can get your hands on Sing Star, Rock Band or a karaoke machine then you can have a lot of fun singing your favorite classics. A slow duet towards the end is a good way to increase the sexual tension.

Build A Living Room Fort

There is a big kid in everyone of us who loves the idea of building a fort. This is a sure winner if your girlfriend is playful and adventurous.

Go To Bed Early To Talk And Cuddle

Dates and romantic evenings are about spending quality time. Sometimes this can be as simple as spending a couple of hours in bed together just talking and being close. This gives you the chance for lots of kissing, cuddling and non sexual touch. This is something that often gets missed during hectic weeks were the bed is something you collapse in after a long day at work.

Give Each Other A Massage

Everyone likes a massage but no one thinks they are very good at it. Given how intimate it is and how much they can be enjoyed it is a great investment to practice and learn to become good. Find an instructional video on You Tube and spend your romantic evening at home practicing techniques on each other. It is a skill you will both be grateful to have.

Checklist For A Romantic Evening At Home

  1. Clean up the place
  2. Plan drinks and a meal
  3. Send an afternoon text to create anticipation and build excitement
  4. Suit up
  5. Plan some fun activities that require you to engage rather than be passive

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