Romantic Trips For Any City

It doesn't matter what part of the world you live in, there are great romantic trips for any city.

Just do a little bit of local research and figure out what works best for you.

Romantic day trips or romantic weekends are things you should try and do a few times a year.

It's really great to turn your phone off, turn the internet off, cut out all the other distractions and just spend time with your girl.

If you keep your romantic trips reasonably cheap you can afford to go a few times a year. It's more important to spend quality time together than blow a whole lot of money on something expensive.

Rent A Hotel Room In Your Own City

Have you ever been a tourist in your own town? Often our day to day lives prevent us from stopping and noticing all the wonderful things our own city has to offer.

Get out of your house and rent a hotel room so you feel like you are on holiday. Go right into the centre of town, or a part of the city you haven't really explored before.

Spend the weekend doing all the things tourists do.

Go Camping

This is a great cost effective way to enjoy some time out of the city and disconnect from stressful modern life.

Rather than a holiday park, see if there is a wild camping area nearby. It's free and there are likely to be less people around.

Rent an RV

Not just for retirees, renting an RV for a week can be a whole lot of fun. I love the ability to be mobile, but to have everything with you as well as avoiding the need to check in and out of hotels.

There is nothing quite like driving along the highway and stopping at a picturesque spot to make a sandwich and have a snooze.

Go To A Beach, Lake or River

Hopefully you have some kind of swimming spot in your city. If there aren't any natural swimming spots try a hotel pool. They will normally let you in for a small fee.

If it is hot and sunny a romantic afternoon sunbathing and swimming goes down a treat. Take a picnic and enjoy and an ice cream.

Farm Stay

This is a novel thing to do if you are looking for a romantic weekend. Many farmers run a Bed and Breakfast on their farm. You can spend the days observing, helping and learning about work on the farm, while enjoying a weekend out of the city in a rustic countryside location.

Take A Road Trip In Any Direction

For the ultimate carefree inspiration take a road trip to nowhere in particular. Go somewhere you have never been before and enjoy the freedom of the open road and having no destination.

Find A Vantage Point For Sunset

A cheesy date night special, but one that is well worth wheeling out every now and again. Find somewhere in your city that has a great vantage point for sunset. Park up early, take a picnic blanket and enjoy the view.

You can make a fun game out of trying to find new sunset viewing spots. Every city has numerous locations.

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