There Is No Secret To Six Pack Abs

There is no secret to six pack abs. Most people search long and hard for the magic bullet but you need to realize that it doesn't exist.

There is no overnight solution. People who chase such nonsense and demand immediate gratification get nowhere in life.

Good things take time and most often they also take hard work and sacrifice.

Getting six pack abs is no different.

Do not fall for headlines that promise you a six pack body in six weeks. It is not going to happen unless you are already very lean and regularly work out in an effective manner.

Sculpting six pack abdominals is perfectly easy in theory. The only hard part is that you have to make personal sacrifices and commit over a period of time to see results.

It only comes down to three things and they are no big mystery, because there is no secret to six pack abs:

  1. Cardiovascular fitness
  2. Strength training
  3. Good nutrition

There is nothing particularly hard to understand about this. Nobody is holding back any information from you. Anybody trying to sell you a secret to six pack abs is having you on.

Cardio, Strength And Nutrition


To see your six pack you need to lose the fat around your stomach. So cardio is necessary. However not long sessions of boring monotnous running.

You need short and explosive sessions that have an afterburn effect - that is they burn fat while at rest long after you have finished the training session. Low intensity running or cycling does not achieve this. High intensity skipping, kettlebells and bodyweight exercises achieve this.


You burn more fat at rest when you have a higher muscle mass. If you do heavy strength workouts you will pack on extra muscle all over your body which will help you reduce fat in the long run.

Heavy lifting also forces you to engage the core which will help strengthen your abdominals. The biggest muscles are your glutes and legs. Squat and deadlift to increase their mass and it will help you see your six pack.


Good nutrition has a two pronged effect. Firstly eating muscle building foods such as meat and green vegetables helps your muscles to grow bigger after each workout. Additionally eating a proper diet ensures that you will slowly and surely shed any excess weight from your midsection. Do not go on a crash diet. Make slow but permanent lifestyle changes with your diet and allow the fat to gradually melt away.

The Argument Is Not "The What" But "The How"

People may disagree what exactly constitutes good nutrition, whether you need supplements, what the best strength program is and how the best way to do cardio is.

But there is no argument that those are the three factors that you must tick off in order to see those six pack muscles. It is the combination of the three that must come together in order to produce the six pack result.

There is a whole industry built up around helping people to get six pack abs. They perpetuate the idea of a secret to six pack abs. For them it is quite simple. If they convince you there is a secret to six pack abs then they can convince you to pay money to gain access to that secret.

Some programs are pure scams and will offer up some magic diet pill or useless exercise machine. Others are completely legitimate and understand the need for cardio, strength and good nutrition. What they are offering is merely their version of what effective cardio, strength and good nutrition is and more often than not some form of training plan.

The problem for most people is that they are not willing to commit for a long enough period of time or make the necessary sacrifices required for getting a six pack. There is nothing flawed in most of the programs out there. The problem is people can't stick to them.

They want an instant result and will spend five years looking for one. They chase the secret to six pack abs yet they won't commit to a five year plan of slow progress that is actually more effective.

Get Started By Just Doing Something

It is important to choose the right philosophy of training and nutrition but it is not everything. More importantly is your ability to set a goal and stick to it. You don't have to find the perfect strength program to start making progress. You just have to choose a strength program, any strength program and stick to it.

You can make the more subtle changes later if you find something that you think will work better. Whether you switch to whole wheat bread or cut bread all together. Whether you do bodyweight, powerlifting or a mixture of both. Whether you do hill running or interval training or distance running. These can be tinkered with. There is not one single way to achieve the same result. And what works for some does not always work for others.

But ultimately it all comes back to the three things. Cardio, strength, nutrition. Omit one and it is unlikely you will see your abs.

Exactly how you go about it is another question all together. And whether you can stick at it long enough to see the results is the biggest question of all. But what is required to get a ripped torso is no secret. So give up looking for an easy solution and a magic secret to six pack abs and get stuck into the hard work.