What Six Pack Abs Say About A Man

The popular image in the media would have you think that six pack abs are a symbol of vanity, reserved for pretty boys and wannabes.

But it is not all that easy to achieve a washboard six pack. It takes some serious committment. Vanity may play a part but it is a small part.

There are much bigger statements that a six pack makes.

A six pack is reflective of many desirable qualities in a man. That is why women find them so primally attractive. If you make getting a six pack a goal then you cannot help to develop these traits.

He Cares About His Health

You can only get to a low enough body fat percentage to see your abs if you take your health seriously. Creating and maintaining a flat stomach is not something that happens four weeks prior to a beach holiday.

You have to eat a very healthy diet and maintain control over any urges to eat food that tastes good but has no nutritional value. You have to maintain a challenging and progressive exercise program.

In the end not only do you lose body fat but you will be an allround healthy person with a strong heart, strong lungs and a toxin free system.

He Has A Strong Mind

When you build a strong body you build a strong mind. It takes mental discipline, determination, effective goal setting and bloody mindedness to achieve a state of fitness where you can maintain a six pack.

The strong mind you develop through fitness serves you in all areas of life. This is why fitness is such an effective method of personal development.

He Knows How To Work Hard

Lifting heavy weight takes pain and sweat. You have to do this on a regular basis. Full body resistance workouts challenge not only the muscles but the heart and the lungs. It hurts. But it is a good pain.

Working hard in the gym is simple although not always easy. It has measurable tangible results. Therefore motivation to go through the pain barrier should be forthcoming. How can a man expect to work hard on goals that are not as immediately fruitful if he cannot achieve simple goals with fitness?

Developing a six pack requires hard work. It is a simple method but executing it can be hard. The only way to fail is to give up. So a man who has six pack abs did not give up. He knows how to work hard and succeed.

He Knows How To Make Sacrifices

If you want a six pack you cannot spend your evenings lazing in front of the television. You cannot eat sugary processed junk food. You have to be watchful of your alcohol intake and the type of alcohol you drink.

You have to give some things up. For some this is easy because they never liked eating unhealthy or being a couch potato in the first place. For others this is a massive sacrifice and a significant change in lifestyle. Either way is you succeed in achieving six pack abs you will have succeeded in resisting temptation and learning how to make sacrifices to achieve your goals.

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