Starting A Small Business Online Is Badass

Starting a small business online is not the endeavor of a dork, a nerd or a desperate person. Online business is awesome liberation and it is completely badass.

When you make it work you do not need to rely on employment. You can earn amazing amounts of money and you can live wherever you want. When most people hear that I am running an online business they either think I am lying or that it is a scam, is porn, is dorky or is because I failed "in the real world."

Little do they know that it is none of those things. It is something completely badass that everybody should be doing if only they knew of the opportunity. People sneer at me and get all self righteous because they have a lame desk job and they get to wear a suit to work. They would never think of starting a small business online despite all the benefits.

I am self employed, earn more money every year, can live wherever I want, don't exchange time for money and get to spend my working time doing things that are my passion. I don't see how you can get any more awesome than that.

Freedom From Employment

Employment sucks. Other people dictate where you are, what you do, how you dress and when you can take a holiday. It is boring and it is drudgery. It crushes the spirit.

It is also a massive waste of time. How much actual productive hours do employees put in? They may sit in the office for 40 hours a week but only half of them are actually productive.

The rest are wasted on procrastination, meetings, water cooler chat, drinking coffee, personal time on the Internet and counting down the minutes to go home.

The actual job could be done in half the time. But they are not paying you for the job. If you got it done in half the time that would not mean you could go home yet enjoy the same salary. You just get piled up with extra work to fill your time.

By starting a small business online you work for yourself. You do the hours you want, the days you want. If you want a holiday you can take it. If you want to stretch a job out to take hours you can but if you want it done efficiently you can and then take the rest of the day off. It is totally up to you.

It Is Location Independent

Starting a small business online gives you the freedom to travel and still earn serious money while on the road. You can run an online business from anywhere in the world with a good Internet connection. You can run it whilst you are traveling but you don't have to, you can stay in the same city. But you do so because of conscious choice, not because your job is tying you down to one location.

In fact an online business is the best place to source your income from while traveling. You don't have to find shitty jobs just to top up your funds. And the income ticks over passively even if you are not working it all the time.

This is the ultimate freedom. To go anywhere and do anything without limitation. You can spend your days doing what you love. You could be lazing on a beach in Phuket, sailing in New Zealand or exploring Europe. Starting a small business online means the world literally becomes your oyster.

There Is Massive Room For Growth

In the employment world you have to work very hard for each small and incremental pay rise. They do not tend to come easily.

In the business world your income is not defined. It is not quite unlimited but it is very close. If you get more traffic and more customers then you get more dollars. From online terms if you double your traffic you double your income. Starting a small business online gets you onto the business ladder and allows you to break the shackles of paid employment.

Most online businesses see little growth in the first year. Then they see quite a bit of growth in the second year and then massive growth in years three, four and maybe five. Eventually you will maximize your income from that market and level off. But when you get to that stage you should be earning heaps.

The exciting part is the growth from years two to five. It's awesome when your online income gets to a point where it can replace your employment income and you can quit your job. But it gets better when every year your income increases substantially as you go well beyond what you were earning as an employee.

You don't have to work any harder for that extra money. You just let the business processes and systems kick in and take care of it. You work just as hard when 1000 people are visiting a month as when 100,000 are visiting per month.

Eventually you can leave websites on autopilot and start new ones. The old ones keep putting money in the bank as you grow a network of well earning sites.

Earn Passive Income

Online income is passive income and this is its greatest strength. By starting a small business online you do not need to be in the shopfront everyday to be making money. It is systems based. Set up the site and it will do everything on autopilot for you.

It does take time and effort to create a useful site with valuable content and drive targeted traffic to it. Because every site is different and owners devote differing amounts of their time there is no universal time frame for when a site can be left on autopilot.

However once this is achieved the money will just roll on in regardless of whether you are doing any work or not. You earn money while you sleep and money while you sip cocktails by the pool.

Forget about exchanging time for dollars. Set up systems that work on autopilot and passive income streams. When you think about it in these terms not starting a small business online seems like a silly idea. There are all sorts of tax benefits you can claim as well when you are a business owner who works from home.

Work With Your Passion

Very few people in the world are in work in which they truly have a passion. When you start a small business online you can create a site about pretty much anything. At the very least it will be something you have mild passion for. At best it will be something you have a wild passion for.

This is not something that everybody experiences and it should not be underestimated. Not only can you work the hours you want but you can spend your time communicating with people about a subject that you love.

All in all Internet business pretty badass I think. If you are keen but do not know where to start then Site Build It is the best resource.

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