The Tools Required For Starting A Small Internet Business

Starting a small Internet business is not a big deal. In fact it is quite easy.

At a minimum all you need to pay for is a domain name and a web host (which are really cheap). The rest of the mandatory tools are located in that grey matter between your ears.

When a cricket bat maker holds a piece of willow in his hands he knows that the end result will be a bat.

The raw material of the willow combined with his tools and his expert skill means the result is guaranteed. It is just a matter of making it happen.

Starting a small Internet business is just the same. A domain name and hosting are the raw materials you need. Your tools are a computer and an Internet connection. All you are missing is expert skill but this is something you can develop quickly if you listen to the right teachers and ignore those who seek to lead you astray.

Combine all the factors and success is guaranteed. All you have to do is make it happen. You just need motivation and an ability to apply what you learn.


Building a business or learning a new skill is always an emotional journey whether it is building your Internet business or an offline venture. You have periods of intense optimism tempered by highly frustrating moments when you feel you are just spinning your wheels.

When you start a home business online motivation and persistence are necessary traits. You will need them to see you through the ups and downs and eventually reach your goal.

A Willingness To Learn And Apply What You Learn

You can begin knowing nothing about starting a small Internet business and become an expert in a very short space of time if you have the right teachers. But you have to be able to absorb information and put it into practice. You have to be able to shatter old habits and replace them with new ones.

If you cannot apply the new things you learn you will struggle to succeed. All it takes is an open mind.

A Business Plan

You do not need a hardcore formalized business plan for starting a small Internet business like you would if you were an offline business going to a bank for a loan. But you need a rough outline of how you are going to succeed.

Site Build It has an excellent online business strategy that I follow called CPTM.

Content - Traffic - Presell - Monetize.

The idea being you offer high quality content for free and that attracts traffic. You then presell them by building trust and confidence through excellent content and can leverage that for money through ads, referrals, commissions or selling hard goods.

So you need to consider each of these and how you will apply them to your business. In terms of content think about:

  • Your niche
  • How you will spin it
  • What will make you unique
  • Who your target audience is

For traffic think about:

  • Supply and demand for your niche
  • Which social media you will focus on e.g. Twitter, Facebook
  • What your linking strategy will be

Good preselling comes at the content stage where you ensure you deliver relevant information that is very useful to your target audience and provides solutions to their problems. For monetizing you need to think about how you will earn your money and whether your niche is profitable. Common ways to monetize are:

  • Google ads
  • Private ads
  • Affiliate commissions
  • Selling digital goods
  • Selling hard goods
  • Referrals to offline services for commission

This business plan does not need to cover every tiny detail because most of the little things you will only discover on the way. And when you are starting a small Internet business things are likely to change and go down a different path than you intended. So the plan is flexible.

The more experience you have the more comprehensive your plan will be. Even if you are a complete beginner when it comes to starting a small Internet business do not worry. My message is just to start thinking ahead about some of these issues before you dive headfirst into the business.

A Web Host

This is a basic technical requirement of any website. There are many services available and most are quite similar. The key thing to worry about is whether they provide good information and support. These are the things you will need the most.

You can always transfer domain names from host to host if you are unhappy with your provider or they do not offer a technical element you require so this is not a massive thing to get hung up about.

A Domain Name

Going hand in hand with the web host for technical tools is the domain name. This is one of the foundation elements for your brand so it needs to be considered very carefully.

You can register your domain name at the same place you sign up for your web hosting. You keep the domain name when you move from host to host so it is your baby.

Site Build It

I use Site Build It for all my sites. The reason for this is the tools and the education they provided me when I was just starting out and didn't know too much. The reason I am still with them is because they offer an excellent service on the technical front even for experienced online business owners. They also have an excellent support service and forum. They are more than just a host, they are a package, with education and support being the key factors.

It is a one stop destination that will provide all of the technical raw materials and tools. You will get the hosting, the domain name and a myriad of other useful tools that will give your business a major boost. One of the key tools there is the keyword brainstorming function.

All they ask for is "BAM" which stands for Brains and Motivation. If you bring those to the table Site Build It will provide the rest. They will develop you into a person with expert skill in the area of online business. They are a teacher worth listening to. All you have to do is actually make it happen and small business success will just be a mere matter of time. When starting a small Internet business Site Build It is one of the best services to use.